Andrew Bleakley

Websites that work for you.

Are you looking for results form your online investment? Do you need a new site? Digital Marketing to get more sales? I specialise in making website work for you, today.

Expert Areas I Will Assist With


Analytics & Tags

Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Plausible. Get these set up correctly and be confident in the data you are collecting.


Digital Marketing

Pick a platform and work with an expert. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Linked In and Pinterest, find the most effective place to spend your hard-earned advertising dollars.


Organic Search

Are you missing out on a huge amount of free traffic from Google? Is it going to your competitors? Find out, and then reclaim it.


Google Local

A must for any business but especially brick-and-mortar stores. Done right Google will push a constant stream of people to you to spend their money.



Whether you want more traffic from a wider audience or just need to avoid lawsuits. We can make sure your site passes all accessibility standards


Site Audits

Deep dive into your site and Google Search Console to find out what is not working and get it fixed.


Building Links

Get valuable, high-quality links to your website and remove the potentially toxic ones. Learn how to find partners to build your site profile.


Schema Optimization

Properly configured and tuned schema can open your website to all sorts of new traffic and website promotion on the Google platforms.

Who is this for?

Not every website needs a full audit, and more often than not the $3,000 you spend on an audit is for nothing when you don’t have $5,000 to pay a developer to implement all the changes required.

Start small, work consistently and watch the growth!

Online Stores looking for more traffic

Dropshippers trying to scale

Small businesses with new websites

Online courses and Food blogs

About Me

I’m Andrew Bleakley. I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

I have been involved professionally with computers for over a decade. I have developed over 500 websites in that time and continue to expand my knowledge of both the technologies that drive the internet and the trends that drive successful websites.

From humble beginnings fixing Mum’s glorified typewriter to developing banking systems in exotic countries, I have survived the roller coaster IT world by being flexible, honest and straightforward.

I would love the opportunity to discuss your requirements, please feel free to send me an email and I will arrange a time for a telephone or face-to-face meeting.

Andrew Bleakley

I am just as happy starting from scratch as I am picking up where others have failed, and have never met a website I couldn’t improve well beyond a client’s expectations.

If you have any questions,
feel free to email me