Andrew Bleakley

Explain? I was lead to believe there’d be Shopping Cart Reviews and Crazy eCommerce rants from some SEO guy. There are. Elsewhere. I have decided to take my domain (and name) back.

There will be loads of eCommerce, SEO and Affiliate Marketing stuff. But no reviews. I have sold them off to another company that will run with them from now on. It will free me up for more useful articles and I have several dropping this week that will help you get your eCommerce SEO on point and your online business successful and profitable regardless of niche and competition.

While I get my site in order feel free to contact me to organize a website audit, a new website or just some help migrating to another ecommerce platform.

Shopping Cart Reviews

Which Cart? Shopping cart Reviews and Analysis

Looking for my Shopping Cart Reviews? They now reside exactly as I wrote them with a company called Which Cart who aim to make them the basis of a very exciting new tool designed to cut through the confusion around picking the best ecommerce solution for your business.



Shopify SEO & Development

What I don’t know about building Shopify websites and Shopify SEO isn’t worth the time it takes to discuss. Working for a Canadian agency I built some of the first Shopify stores and am still responsible for their successful SEO more than a decade later.

I have been on top of every feature change, every functionality added and every app introduced for so long that my Shopify Cookbook became the go to guide for Shopify SEO and Audits.

Don’t mess around getting half the job done. Get in touch to day and get your Shopify site done exactly right the first time.


BigCommerce SEO & Development

I have developed and optimized Bigcommerce stores since 2009 (when it started). Many of the manuals and how-to guides on Bigcommerce SEO were created by me over the years learning the in’s and out’s of the platform. I have worked with production sites launching the new Stencil template engine and have written three leading eBooks on Bigcommerce SEO for the Stencil Framework.

If you need a Bigcommerce store to be high ranking, competitive and successful contact me. I can do it.



Wordpress SEO & Development

Need a WordPress website built? Have you had one built that just doesn’t do very well? I know that feeling. I started building WordPress websites 12 years ago and haven’t stopped yet.

I know every nook and cranny and can quickly audit any WordPress site and make the necessary changes to get it back in fighting shape and bringing in the traffic you need.

Over the more than a decade of working with WordPress sites I have established a solid track record of delivering websites fast that quickly bring in quality traffic and work hard for you and your business for years on end.

eCommerce Platform Experience

I can help