Why I switched to Genesis

Did you notice I changed things up around here? After many successful years I decided to clean things up a little and the easiest way to do that was to switch to Genesis.

I needed:

  1. A responsive design so I could drop the plugin mobile theme that was ugly
  2. A theme that was super clean and black to match the logo I had made up
  3. Fast loading and well written code
  4. Fully supported so I could free my time up to write more Shopping Cart Reviews

In case you missed it this is what the website used to look like.

Andrew Bleakley website

Andrew Bleakley old website


Why switch to genesis?

I did the whole Thesis vs Genesis analysis (which I will post in a week or two) but simply I picked genesis because the code it generates is cleaner, it was responsive, the code was better optimized and more receptive to SEO, the themes I could buy with it where much nicer and generally it was a lot less work to get up and running.

Is it hard to Switch to genesis?

Nope. Installed, switched and that was it. There were some extra plugins I installed which meant I could remove quite a few for optin forms, mobile display twitter feeds. Site speed is right up and I was using a CDN before that I am not now. I probably should though.

I have always uploaded larger than necessary images that get scaled down to suit the display so I only had to install and run a regenerate thumbnails plugin to get feature images and in post images the correct size.

Anyway hope you like the new layout, it should be easier to read and nicer on phones, I loved the old  site and how personal it was but it was getting old and needed more time and attention that I could give it. I would love to hear your thoughts on the new site, leave them in the comments.


  1. Jennifer says

    It looks very nice! Definitely a positive update. I’m just starting out and learned about WordPress in an seo training I completed, so it’s great to learn about the regenerate thumbnails plug-in from you!


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