Bigcommerce vs Volusion

Too lazy to read? The general consensus after 4 years and 300 comments is that Bigcommerce is a far better cart in 2015. To find out why read my new and updated 2015 Bigcommerce Review.

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Two of the biggest (in terms of signups) hosted shopping carts (or e-commerce platforms if you want to impress girls) right now are Bigcommerce and Volusion. Both offer incredible feature’s, years of development and award winning customer service. This is not a review as much as i will just have to look at how each feature is implemented to split the difference and help you decide Bigcommerce vs Volusion.


Both offer free trials. 14 days for Volusion and 15 days for Bigcommerce

Both start at $24.95 a month – Volusion hide the link in the footer which always concerns me. Neither charge transaction fee’s – take that Shopify

Setup Cost: Bigcommerce is $49.95 to Volusion’s $49.00 – not worth mentioning except that some Volusion fan boy will cling to it and mess up my comments.

So what price difference’s are there ?

The basic (cheapest plan) at Volusion allows 25 products and 1 Gb or data – Bigcommerce give you 100 products and 2 Gb data

On price Bigcommerce trumps Volusion.

Look and Feel – Front End

If you have  a designer on board that is going to customize your shop or integrate it into your existing design – skip this section now. I am going to say some truly awful things about the templates in Volusion and if you aren’t going to use them you might as well save yourself the blushing.

8 years ago you would have punched a designer in the mouth if they delivered you a online store looking like the one’s Volusion saddle’s you with. I hate every single one of them. They are horribly dated, poorly optimized, visually upsetting and atrocious to work with. Given the quality and quantity of Volusion’s client roster I expect better – quite frankly it is an insult that they would even offer these disgraceful templates, free as they are.

Bigcommerce on the other hand have dropped some serious cash getting some beautiful, clean and very usable templates created. You could very easily go live with one of the free templates or you could very simply get one made by giving your designer FTP access to your site. Yep, FTP access to your hosted shopping cart – perfect 10 points to Bigcommerce, go straight to the front of every developer and designer’s list with this feature.

See a gallery of Free Bigcommerce Templates

Look and Feel – Admin Area

I like the look of Bigcommerce (it is identical to Interspire), it is clean, modern, intuitive and packs a lot of information and remains easy on the eye. Volusion is a little squarer, a touch old school but just as effective. I doubt there is enough between these two to hold one above the other so let’s call this a draw.

Search Engine Optimization

Both offer the ability to specify the Title, Keywords and Description fields.

By default Volusion uses ugly query string’s and Product Id’s but it can be configured to “look” a little better – but it is  a weak hack reminiscent of the crappy SEO offered by osCommerce and her bastard offspring.

Bigcommerce comes to the table with some pretty clean URI’s using the product name as the page (replacing spaces with dashes) – there are some weird results if you use special character’s or punctuation, but you shouldn’t be using them at all.

Bigcommerce also integrates with Google Website Optimizer for all your testing and analysis

Additional Features

Both offer Gift Certificates, Electronic (downloadable products), coupons, their own payment gateway product (only available to US customers), newsletters – there really is not much to split them at this level.

The big difference is what Bigcommerce is looking to offer in the next release (version 6). Things like multiple warehouse, drop shipping, Mail Chimp integration, pre-order, back order, iPad and iPhone support and eBay integration


Both have been around for at least 10 years in some form or another and generally have good histories and reviews, the next 12 months will be telling as Big Commerce tries to muscle in on territory that has usually been safe with Volusion.

Customer Service and Support

Lots of awards, lots of happy customer’s. We have had no trouble getting support to help us or sales to call us. We would love to know your experience with either company – leave your comments below.

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  1. Mike says

    We purchased a software licence back in 2001 from Volusion….I think it called Store 2000 back then? Anyway, it was the best platform at the time, and we ran it for about 6 years. Most of our business was international and the real time ship module became outdated, Volusion wouldn’t update the FedEx & USPS part of the software. Then wanted another 7K for the updated version. So we left.
    We purchased Aspdotnet Storefront and ran that for a few years on our server. The quality dropped over time, then the name changed, and prices spiked.
    We then went to Big Commerce since they were using Interspire. At the time, it was great, they were keeping up with the demands of businesses, and our sales were great. Nothing lasts forever.
    We moved 3 stores to 3Dcart at the beginning of 2015. We reviewed and ran over 25 different products before deciding on 3D. I even discounted 3DCart early, and kept looking for what we needed. Then I went back and gave it a deeper look. I’d like to see a few minor changes but it’s very nice, I would recommend it.

  2. Jason Laos says

    LOL, I tried volusion and bigcommerce and didn’t like either one. Volusion because of the templates and crappy support. BigCommerce because they are always behind on features. They are never ahead of the curve. They also have slow support responses and continue to lie like volusion with their “Spin”. IE Volusion “Add this” being a big thing and BigCommerce saying they have 10,000 BC customers when that is really counting interspire. Really puts me off. Can’t trust people like that. Not one bit.

    I am currently between CoreCommerce and Shopify. Got to figure out which one would work for me.

    • says

      Couldn’t agree more about the spin and the feature comment regarding Big Commerce. The marketing bullshit will never end – it is too much a part of the culture at Interspire, but they are charging forward with features, version 6 looks very impressive. Surprised you are looking into Shopify that has got to be the least “featured” shopping cart of the four you mentioned.
      I would love to hear how you went with CoreCommerce, I have only ever had brief looks into it.

      Good luck whichever way you go.

    • Jason - Volusion Reseller says

      I really wish Volusion had better free templates for my clients, but I’m a designer so I don’t use them anyway.

      • Bergen says

        Can you make truly custom templates with Volusion? Like adding featured products to a category page, that sort of thing?

        thx – b

        • says

          Yes, if you use javascript and the Volusion API you can customise Volusion templates as much as any other, it is just a lot harder and more expensive than say Big Commerce or Interspire

  3. bill says

    I don’t know about BigCommerce yet, but I do know Volusion hides behind their agreement rather than standing behind their software. Their latest release (Winter ’09) crippled or removed features that existed in the prior version, costing us sales. Their agreement only guarantees network uptime and specifically excludes software issues.

    • says

      That’s pretty ordinary – though not entirely surprising. What features did they remove/cripple that cost you the sales out of curiosity – hope you have been able to recover some ground

  4. bill says

    The biggest issue for us has been the loss of control over shipping methods customers can choose. We ship a physical product and customers are frequently only given an “online delivery/free shipping” option. Some customers order anyway and we eat the shipping. Some customers call to let us now this is why they are abandoning their cart. When they call, we are able to complete the orders via phone. For those that don’t call…

    They also changed the search function to specifically exclude product descriptions. (Since restored after much “discussion” in the support forum.)

    There are many other issues with the new version. One thing I’ve noticed since looking for an alternative is Volusion seems to be one of the few to require an account to access the community forums.

    • Jason - Volusion Reseller says

      @ Bill – I am not only a Volusion reseller, but I’m also a forum member. I’m actually glad there is not access to the Volusion forum for non-members because there is a tremendous amount of Volusion specific activity/coding/and feature request discussion-something I feel should not be accessed by non-members. About your shipping method, I’ve worked with over 30 stores so far, on V5 and W09 and I’ve never had the issue with shipping like you have. Hopefully, you can get it straightened out. I can only assumed they are setup incorrectly. Usually, online delivery/free shipping comes up for products that do not have a weight attributed to them, thus creating the software to believe it is a downloadable product. Check that first and write back if you still need any help, or as always contact support.

      • Todd l says

        Good Day Jason , you seem to be a very good/amazing source on volusion, …..I am seeking some assistance ,are your avail. Via phone .”..thx much ..Todd

      • James says

        hey jason, sorry about the crazy late post, but there is so little support for either solution that I’m looking for, please shoot me a pm. at porch pickin bwv @ gmail (all one word of course) i have some questions maybe you can answer, I’ve spent years working for a computer company known as macintosh???? some of these folks call it apple inc. either way, i understand the shadowing knowledge of having used a piece of equipment over generation’s of the dev. and i have just two questions one about tax, the other about shipping. any help would be very very appreciated.
        All good things-

    • Tim says

      I know what you mean, because the same thingt was happening to me with my site, but I realized the reason my customers weren’t able to chose the other shipping options was because I forgot to assign a weight to each of the products. If you are missing a weight value for any products in the cart, it will only show online delivery / free shipping. Try this, and I’m sure this will solve your problem, at least for that issue.

      • fixed gear says

        That’s still a weakness on volusion’s end. If it’s THAT effing critical that you put in a weight so it doesn’t ASSUME it’s a downloadable product, than a big bold red lettered alert should pop up and tell you “If you don’t assign a weight, the system will assume this is a downloadable product!” You can’t blame your own customers for piss-poor usability.

      • fixed gear says

        Just wanted to add, that it looks like BC is pci compliant now. So if that was a dealbreaker before it doesn’t have to be anymore.

  5. Samee says

    I’ve been bouncing between Volusion, 3Dcart, goecart, BigCommerce and now CoreCommerce. I’ve read numerous reviews and information from all over the web. Supposed “expert” reviews, user reviews, etc.

    I have eliminated all bus BigCommerce and CoreCommerce. I need custom development, so BigCommerce is useless, but their software “Interspire” is perfect!

    Sales didn’t seem to interested in helping me, but kept referring me to the features page of their site.

    CoreCommerce seems to be winning a few points over Big now. Sales was very helpful, they have a great set of features, and they include more support and designing/customizing seem to be more cost effective.

    Any comments welcome on either of the two. I will post any more finding!

  6. Scott says

    I have a e-commerce wordpress site and I want to switch to Volusion or whatever is best. Can someone do this for me?

    • says


      In my opinion Big Commerce is the best. You can usually export from you existing shopping cart and import into a new shopping cart – if you would like me to have a proper look at it and give you a quote just fill out the form at and I will go over your options with you. Include the approximate number of products in your shopping cart if you can.

  7. matthew eric says


    Since I had a custom design created for my vitamin store, the templates issue isn’t a big deal for me as I use my custom design. The biggest challenge I have with Big Commerce is that they don’t have nearly the number of features that Volusion and Core Commerce have. The other issue is that I don’t automatically get the new features added to my store like I do with Volusion and Core Commerce. I have to “schedule” an upgrade.

    As much as you push Big Commerce, I can’t help but think you either are making money pitching them and/or you have never really sold anything using their platform. BC doesn’t even offer re-occurring ordering right now (yes, it will be out in about 4 months)—but I need it now, it’s HUGE in the vitamin business. I make 35% of my money with re-occuring ordering and most of my colleagues would say the same.

    Finally, Big Commerce is really nothing more than “style” over substance–and to elaborate, they are winning the “BS battle”.

    • says

      I make no money pushing Big Commerce, but experienced has shown me that if I recommend a simple to administer shopping cart to clients (like Big Commerce or Interspire) I save a lot of time and money with ongoing support.

      Many of the client I deal with do not have the luxury of being able to get custom designs right away so good looking templates are a must – the software needs to perform from the minute they sign up and unfortunately Volusion doesn’t – Big Commerce does.

    • jamie says

      don’t be fooled.. he does get paid for pushing bigcommerce or shopify or whoever.. notice when you click the link,, affilate/or his name appears in the want to know who has best service.. look at their facebook pages (and sometimes forums), thats where real customers with real problems/praise comment

      • says

        I do now. There is a whole disclosure page about it. in March 2010 when I posted that comment Bigcommerce didn’t have an affiliate program. Thanks for stopping by though, Facebook pages are an OK way to gauge customer satisfaction but since they can be very easily moderated and manipulated you will find truer customer experiences on third party websites

  8. eNicola says

    Your comments about the templates on Volusion are funny.
    I’m a web developer and have reviewed several of these ecommerce tools, hands down the top two are BigCommerce and CoreCommerce.
    Big Commerce has great useable free templates for the non-designer. CoreCommerce has the best features with social media, printable shipping labels, built-in newsletter tool, and 24/7 telephone support, however the templates in corecommerce are not very attractive – no biggie if you’re a designer but pretty disapointing since they win on everything else.

    • Mkmk says

      just a note corecommerce does not have 24 / 7 support. they close at 8 central time. does not integrate with facebook except that they are able to use their facebook login. I just putting in 5 days to create this website with core commerce only to find that it does not do many of the things they advertise. I need a face book store now and hopeful that 3
      d carts new version will be the 1

  9. Jase says

    Man, I need to spend more time on your site. I’ve been researching ecommerce sites for weeks and this article was just what I needed.

    Keep it up, mate.

  10. Ron says

    Nice posting. We do business to business through Volusion and we’re quite happy with this solution. I guess we don’t put as much weight on attracting clients with attractive templates. For us, we just want a bunch of capabilities and 24/7 support.

    Volusion’s servers used to slug along last year. System performance has certainly improved recently.

  11. k.k says

    hi andrew i am just wondering if you can help me i don’t knwo which company to use for my ecommerce website that i dream to build. i need something like this to build wirelessemporium dot com , please let me know thanks

  12. k.k says

    honestly i am not sure about the budget yet. i was thinking one to build my self. what do u think how much it will cost for something like that or can i achieve that goal my self. thanks

  13. kent Newell says

    This company deleted my entire website and then threw all the blame on me. DO NOT USE All I wanted was my $74.90 back and they would not even budge. This company is a loser!!!!!!!!

    • Jim P says

      I had the same thing happen to me at BigCommerce.
      How do they get away with it?
      It is like they have the greatest scam ever going on.
      They sell a defective product to start out with. Making claims in writing that are not totaly true.

      They will take your money and leave you hanging.

      Do not even get involved with BigCommerce.

      Do not walk but Run the other way.

  14. jman says

    I love reading your posts and find them very informative. We have been looking to open a new store and have used Volusion for almost 4 years now. I have now tried the trials of Big Commerce and Core Commerce and I think we are going to stick with Volusion. I have read a lot of the complaints about Volusion, but we have had pretty good uptime with our 3 stores with them and I disagree with others about the tech support – they are usually very helpful – even if there is an issue at 3am or on Christmas day. Anyway, just my 2 cents – love the info, love the blog… thanks!

    • says

      As long as you have found a cart that works for you. Thanks for the compliments spread the word and tweet the articles ;0)

  15. Vinny says

    I find this very useful. I have been on volusion now for about a year and a half. Customer support is very good over the phone – spotty if you issue a trouble ticket. Mostly if you really have a problem, support often does not read your initial ticket very carefully and sends back generic topic related information that is of no help. But phone support is very good. Volusion, to me, is a very antiquated basic piece of software that they keep trying to improve but the base architecture is out of date completely and very cumbersome to use. There are many features which just about all their competitors have, especially in the handling of multiple images, that they do not have. The templates are really awful and all the templates, even the premium priced templates, have exactly the same basic underlyling design. Search functions are poor from customer standpoint. Likewise their handling of options is very cumbersome. The software needs to be completely rebuilt from the ground up to stay competitive I feel. They are also pricey now on a per product basis. Servers are a huge problem for me. I check webmaster tools every day for server performance and page loading times are all over the place — we are in the top 25 percent of websites one week and in the bottom 25% the next week and this is really not acceptable, especially now that google is going to factor in page loading speed in ranking. Page loading is a vital statistic in an ecommerce platform. They say the templates can be customized, but in actuality many of them cannot easily be customized. There are some good stores up that have been custom designed from scratch but you can do that on any platform. I am very distressed over the conversion rate there – we have massive cart abandonment for some reason and that alone is prompting me to make a move. We used to be at yahoo and we never had this kind of cart abandonment, but the one thing yahoo did have was a good smooth friendly checkout. I’m not sure what the problem is but I would be interested in hearing if anyone has a comparison of Big Commerce and Volusion in terms of conversion rates

    • Jerry Wilkinson says

      I agree. Trouble tickets have come back with unrelated links to help pages i could have accessed without the ticket. then some denial etc. The phone or “chat” help is almost always very good, s-l-o-w but good. I have a premiere template after trying a freebie. there are areas on the premier that I cannot even access, granted i have limited expertise (read none) but i anyway I would love a platform that is intuitive and easy for a bonk like me to figure out.

  16. Deryk Wenaus says

    your comments about Volusions horrible template system are bang on. I bought a template from them for $475 and it was the worst piece of garbage I’d seen. I even tried to get a refund, but no go. The code and css would barely be passible in 1999.

    the second worst thing about Volusion is the total lack of css selectors for the page and category views. to change anything you need a long trail of about 8 selectors (table > tr > td >table…) it is just horrible.

    Having said all that, their support is top rate the the software is VERY fully featured. But often I just don’t need all those features so I’m jumping ship to another platform.

  17. Bandict says

    I don’t really know why someone will even choose volusion. I’m a designer/developer and recently had to do a new template for a client’s store hosted by volusion. I must say, this is the most horrible piece of commercial software I’ve ever seen from a designer/developer perspective.

    First, volusion is so 1999, they use tables for most of their layouts and that was really surprising to me(We worked with the V5 software). Our team manged to do things like footer, sidebar and headings using our own css but the main content area was purely tables.

    Secondly, we realised that most aspects of our design was not going to work with the volusion sofware. We did some custom javascript to do a few things we wanted but still we had several issues and volusion couldn’t provide us any answers that were going to help.

    Eventually, we had to strip off a lot of things from our design

    There’s is little documentation and zero lack of support when it comes to questions about templating or design. Anytime we called volusion about a what classes, selectors or variables that controlled what aspects of the store, they always made sales pitches of their own design services to us.

    Finally, when we launched the site, there were issues with customers adding items to carts in IE. Volusion, said it might be a script in our file since we had a custom template. We didn’t think this was the issue since the template was just stripped down to basic html and css. We are currently shopping around for a different solution.

    In conclusion, don’t choose this software if you are a designer/developer. This will be your worst nightmare. On the other hand, if all you want is a plain basic free template that would get you up and running, then volusion will work for you or be prepared to spend something like $6500 for their custom design service..

  18. Michelle says

    This was definitely really helpful! Thanks for posting.

    I tried doing a bit more research into Big Commerce, but couldn’t quite find the answers I was looking for. When they say 1,000 products, what’s the exact definition? For instance, if I have a style of shoes, with 5 different colors and 10 different sizes, is that still considered 1 product if I post it as one product?

    And I know they’re going to have eBay integration soon, but do they integrate with any POS system now? That would help a LOT with inventory and accounting for merchandise.

    • Michele says

      Hi Michelle,

      I’m on the Big Commerce 15-day trial right now and have asked Big Commerce the same question, and this is what they replied:

      “We don’t consider variations towards your total product count. If you offer a t-shirt in S,M, & L we only count that as one product.”

      So in your case, it’s only considered 1 product.

      Hope this helps! = )

    • Michelle says

      Thanks! I think I’ll be trying out the trial version sometime in the next few days, but it’s killing me that they haven’t posted the release date for version 6. I feel like it’s better to try out the trial version once the new version is released…

      I also have one more question about bandwidth. Is there a significant difference between 15 GB and 45? There’s a huge monetary difference… but what can I expect with 15 as opposed to 45? What does it even do?

  19. Gino says

    I sent an email to Big Commerce on July 12 about Version 6 and was told to expect it Sept or Oct. The said it was delayed again because of other updates they are doing currently.

    I’ve shopped the usual ecommerce sites myself and always have decided on Big Commerce myself. I’m going to have several vendors for products that will be drop shipped and have been holding out for the latest release before I open my store. It’s supposed to support “multiple warehouses” as they called it so it can automatically order a product for me from whoever the vendor is. From what I understand, it has to be done manually now.

    If anyone has several thousand to spend, Zoovy looked to be best turnkey solution but the only price I got was around $8000 which included a lot of consultation/marketing support that I rather do without to keep the cost reasonable. $8000 is about $7000 more that I planned on spending just to open my store.

  20. grammar says

    “Volusion has a lot of awards and some very impressive customers if you believe THEIR home page”

    • Rumor says

      Volusion’s awards and customer base is spot on. You can go to all award sites and customer sites to validate. On another note, there’s been a rumor going around recently that Volusion might have been bought out by investors and/or a larger firm…

  21. webromeo says

    Hi Andrew, great post. took me some time to read all the comments but I did.

    I have a client who wants to start a members only website. I have looked at all the features of most of the softwares and find volusion to be the best. Our client will also spend about $7500 for custom design with volusion since they want the store to look different, modern and like a leader in the industry and not a small mom and pop shop :)

    Any recommendations for us? Are we doing the right thing by selecting Volusion? Also we are going to select the best plan with unlimited products so the lady at Volussion said we will get our own support person whom we can call and speak to by name :)

    It’s a big commitment and we will be spending over $10,000 for everything so want to make sure we are doing the right thing. thank you

  22. Pashmina says

    Seems like BigCommerce is ahead of schedule with a release of v6. I’ve been researching my options to death, and think I’m going to go with them. Anyone checked out the new features and/or used them?

    • says

      Not really ahead of schedule – they pushed it back a few times from May 2010. None the less they are on track.

      If you want to try out the new features sign up for a trial account – all trial accounts are v6

      • ultravox says

        I’m trying BigCommerce. I have a problem with their UPS shipping calculations. If your package dimensions require additional handling because of length, it will not calculate the correct shipping charges. Add a second of the same item to the cart and it more than quadruples the shipping charges. Not good.

        • says

          There seems to be known issues with package dimensions and UPS shipping on Big Commerce (only the the weight based calculations work properly). Apparently they are looking into it, when I find out more I will drop you a line

  23. Alex says

    I am looking to open shopping website. I was thinking about Magento. I even installed Magento, But the problem is you need to know programming to build your shopping website there. I am looking for something which will allow u to build the store without knowledge of programming
    Is magento capable doing that? Or I need to look into diff software such as bigCommerce?

    • says

      You don’t necessarily need to know any programming to get setup with Magento, but it is the most complicated of all the shopping carts to use – not recommended unless you like pain or have an IT degree

  24. winkngo says

    New to ecommerce and currently have a wholesale and distribution company looking to sell our products online(b2b). We are a general merchandise wholesaler and have HUGE amounts of products to sell( nail polish 180 colors and on and on…) looking for great features on shipping, payment and crm…. any recommendations??? We have a designer for te front-end and looking for feature rich but easy to use admin panel with great crm,email, shipping and payment options. Please help

    • says

      With a HUGE amount of products you will be looking at the more expensive end of the market but you should be fine with Volusion, Core Commerce or Big Commerce – if you want more control look into Magento but it is a more significant investment

      • winkngo says

        I did look into big commerce and core commerce and also 3d cart. They all seem to be sufficient for what we are looking to do but need to know if any of these sites will allow ftp access? We are hiring outside designers to work on front end and need compatibility with our pos system and accouting software. we saw a site called and which is similar to what we are creating. Any advice?

        • says

          All three of those carts allow FTP access – but only to the design elements (you can not install other software or access the shopping cart source code)

  25. winkngo says

    Just heard I should be careful about signing up with non-compliance(pci) sites. Which sites are pci certified?

  26. Janko says

    Only 3dcart,corecommerce, and volusion are pci compliant. Bigcommerce is working on it bit was supposed to be done in may still not done, my boss is thinking about moving out to volusion or 3dcart…

  27. Triad Search Marketing says

    What are your opinions on Pinnacle Cart? Do you think it is more feature rich and customizable than the others mentioned here?

    • says

      I wouldn’t necessarily say it is more feature rich – I have had a quick look over i and will be doing a full review and some comparisons in the next few weeks when they release there new version. I like what I have seen but I will reserve judgement until I give it’s tyres a good kick

  28. Cara says

    I have been given the task of researching whether, when a customer comes to a shopping site, it is possible to reveal prices based on the country the customer is surfing from. I don’t mean currency–I do mean prices, which may vary.

    BTW, I have been testing BigCommerce and am very pleased :-)

    Thanks for an informative article and comments.

  29. tina pat says

    does anyone know how to properly integrate BigCommerce 6.0 with Quickbooks Pro 2009? In my first sync, I am getting product names where product codes should be and web descriptions where product names should be

  30. JoJo says

    Have been with Shopify for over 3 years and am looking to switch due to the major lack of features and broken promises from them.

    Big Commerce 6.0 is looking as a very strong contender, how do people find version 6?

    Any thoughts?

  31. Greg says

    Switched to Big Commerce and was pleased at first; great admin layout, good selection of tools, etc. Then…6.0 was released which is an ongoing nightmare. 6.0 broke quickbooks sync – very important feature – everyone is screaming and support has disappeared-worst upgrade i’ve ever seen. The techs are just rude now….6.0 also broke manual discounts. Important since BC doesn’t provide any other method to not charge sales tax….so now everyone gets taxed if they are in your state regardless of customer type!!!! Net: avoid at all costs.

  32. Dene says

    The big deal killer for me seems to be Big Commerce’s inability to easily work with Quickbooks. Volution’s approach does seem to be much clearer and more stable looking. Although quickbooks has it’s own problems considering how many Quickbooks users there are I’m surprised BC wasn’t integrating in version 1.0, let alone 6.0.

  33. Catherine says

    I have spent so much time online, you would think that there would be alot more information about Shopping Cart E Commerce packages! Like everyone else I am find not one jumps out ahead.

    I am now going to try trials on Core Commerce and Big Commerce.

    If anyone can save me lots of time and effort doing this and can recommend one over the other in ease of set up that would be great. I have alot of products so I am leaning toward Core Commerce because of the unlimited Bandwidth.

    I am a newbie, I am a graphic artist not a computer expert, so I just want something I can plug my products into easily, get them shipped.

    Thanks so much if you read this, have experimented with these sites and can give me some helpful hints.

  34. Accolades says

    Why all the accolades for Big Commerce? And only 1 comment [winkngo] (thank God it had a reply [Janko]) on PCI Compliance?

    If BC had PCI Compliance, my search would be over. But now I have to head over to Andrew’s Core Commerce vs Volusion page. does not mention Core Commerce.

    I was leaning to Volusion before I heard of BC.
    Q: What are the penalties for noncompliance?
    A: The payment brands may, at their discretion, fine an acquiring bank $5,000 to $100,000 per month for PCI compliance violations. The banks will most likely pass this fine on downstream till it eventually hits the merchant. Furthermore, the bank will also most likely either terminate your relationship or increase transaction fees. Penalties are not openly discussed nor widely publicized, but they can catastrophic to a small business.

    It is important to be familiar with your merchant account agreement, which should outline your exposure.

  35. Melinda says

    Thank you for this review! It really helped me make my decision. It looks like I’ll be going with CoreCommerce.

  36. shawn says

    need advise on choosing site to offer to my corp. customers for online ordering etc of corporate items.I am not computer savy, but we need to show diff.products,take pymt online, all the inventory stuffm etc,etc,etc. Both Volusion and BC seem to have many features, I will be setting this up myself so it needs to be as easy as possible. I noticed that some sites do not do financial transactions outside the US – I am in Canada

    Any suggestions would be helpful.

  37. Kevin says

    This is an excellent blog. My mind is made up. I’m building a site for a Chinese client who has 500,000 products….and after reading this blog I’m going with BigCommerce. I looked into Volusion, 3Dcart and many many others till I was blue in the face.

    I believe that BCv6 is going to be perfect for my needs. It has the best value for money IMHO.

    Thanks for helping me finally make up my mind….lol


  38. AL says

    wow! i almost went with Volusia and reading this article opened my eyes a great deal. funny thing is I posted on twitter my indecision about bigcommerce, core commerce, and volusia and got like 3-4 tweets regarding Volusia’s instability…. Anyone familiar with Miva Merchant?

  39. Alyson says

    I’ve been looking for an easy solution to re-creating my site with little experience. oscoomerce was suggested and zen cart but Bigcommerce looks easier for someone like myself to figure out. My site was built with Front Page (I know, I know) and I have Dreamweaver but don’t know how to use it even after taking an online class. I need an easy to follow situation, would Big Commerce fit the bill? Another question; does anyone know if they allow Amazon product links from the affiliate program and Google Adsense? I make decent income from Amazon and don’t want to give it up. Thanks for any advice!

  40. Deborah says

    I am not sure, I have a bigcommerce account, and I am finding that after trialing the core commerce , that I just might switch , at least it does product bundling and a few other things that I am still waiting for bigcommerce to do.
    And it is so much easier to change templates, and they are so much nicer for the beginner.

  41. Hugh says


    This has turned into quite the forum!

    I am currently evaluating BigC, CoreC and Volusion. I have trials for all 3 right now.

    I really like BigC but the lack of assigning vendors, automating order alerts to vendors/dropship etc is a big issue. I asked about the release and was told no more than 6 months!! (It’s December now and they are already way behind schedule). I like the customization of the themes in BigC, being able to download the header as it is or blank is really good for customization.

    Volusion wins in regards drop shipping. But the templates and customization doesn’t seem as good as BigC. The sample sites on Volusion are all obviously custom built by professional web designers. The social media features are only available with the 99 and up packages.

    CoreC seems good too but a little “clunky”? They have a vendor option but it seems much much less robust compared to volusion. Design/templates seem much the same as Volusion.

    I will be creating a number of different stores and all three don’t seem to have the option of running multiple stores under the one account.

    Tempted to wait a little longer for BigC to release the dropship options but I may go with Volusion… am I crazy?


    • Michel says

      I am also trying to decide what to use, but am actually looking at BigCommerce, Volusion and Magento…why isn’t Magento an option? Any advice on which to go with would be much obliged.

      • says

        Hi Michael, It isn’t so much that Magento isn’t an option – it is just a very different beast to BigCommerce or Volusion. BigCommerce and Volusion are very simple to use, hosted SaaS e-commerce solutions, Magento requires you to download and host/manage it yourself.

        The biggest issues people seem to have with Magento is that it is very difficult to use and despite being “free” it usually costs more to own because of all the developer and designer help you will require.

        • Michel says

          Hi Andrew! Thank you for your response. Everyone keeps telling you, but your blog/forum is VERY helpful.

          The biggest reason why I keep going back to Magento is because there is a template ( that I really like. It looks, clean, yet bright, modern and doesn’t look cheap/outdated.

          If you don’t recommend Magento, then I am still SOOOO stuck between BigCommerce and Volusion. It seems like BigCommerce might be better. Would you agree?

          Finally…where can I find nicer templates for both Volusion and BigCommerce? Are there 3rd parties that sell these and which vendor would you recommend.

          Sorry for asking so many questions, but I am really lost and don’t really know what I am doing.

          • says

            Any developer worth his weight would easily be abel to convert that Magento template into a BigCommerce template for you.

            BigCommerce has it strong points as long as it satisfies all your requirement. Not sure of any template sites for BigCommerce or Volusion because I am in the custom development game I have little call for them – there should be something though

        • Hugh says

          Since my last post I have started to lean towards Americommerce. The reasons being that it seems to be more indepth in terms of options for distributors, dropship, shipping, product, emailing etc and most importantly, it supports multiple stores using the same database. I know the templates are there just as a starting point but they are pretty bland.

          I am still interested in BigC but the lack of product options, dropping shipping, emailing etc are putting me off.

          Are there any other platforms that support multiple stores using the same database/login?

  42. Mike says

    Lots of good reading from everyone here.
    I had a Volusion licensed version until a few years ago, formally Store2000. The RT shipping API’s had changed and they wouldn’t support it. To upgrade the licence, they wanted about 9.5K, my original was around $2,300. Pretty good software though.
    I would try them again(monthly price) but there is one little thing(besides bad support and heavy censorship of the forums) and that is the product weight and no entry fields for package dimensions. Since much of our business is international, companies would get a real time FedEx rate of $170 when it actually was $730 to ship because of the size of the box. So you would have to contact the customer and explain why you had to adjust the order’s shipping cost. If your products have larger boxes, you will have this problem with Volusion. Sure, you could calculate dim for every product for international but it throws your domestic rates off, and the customer abandons the cart.

    So we purchased Aspdotnetstorefront in late 2006 which is alright, but they are lagging now, they changed ownership, raised their prices, they had to stop selling V9 because of all the problems. We made money with it so no regrets. But it is time to move on and that’s when I found this group!

    I’m thoroughly reviewing Big commerce right now and it seems to have everything we need. I need to find out if I can add about 5 more non-gateway payment methods like WU, Liberty Reserve,, TT, and WebMoney. And some customers want to ship on their carrier account number, I don’t know yet if BC can do this? Oh yeah, the template aren’t very good but that’s the same almost everywhere else.
    I had purchased some ribbons a few weeks ago from this place and it’s a Big Commerce site. I love the design and the ability to find your product quickly. If somebody can design something similar this, let me know please.

    Being one of the early customers of Store2000(Volusion) about 9 years ago and watching them now, they haven’t progressed that much, I get the demos as they are upgraded. Back then it was superior and it’s still very good, but many others have caught up, and even passed them now.

    We’re now doing over 8K a month on Ebay which was kind of unplanned and still surprises us…..BC has the feature to send your products on Ebay which would be a time saver, although I haven’t tested that part yet. BTW I tested ProStores(an Ebay company)…the whole checkout, RT shipping, and customer account area is a total wreck.

    Between V and BC? I’d go with BC. I know, V has slightly better templates to start with but BC has more potential for designing your own or altering theirs.

    I have to give V credit for their graphics, it’s always been nice. Do they still let you download the templates with the PSD files?

    BC or Interspire? Do I rent or own?

    Hmm….Americommerce, that looks nice too, I need to look at this one more closely, Thanks for the tip.

  43. Jennifer says

    Thank you for this review and everyone’s comments, suggestions, and questions/answers. This helped me make my final decision. Now to get started! Thanks again.

  44. Alyson says

    I just used two months of Big Commerce and had to cancel my account due to insufficient shipping features. We don’t inventory andything and drop ship everything. BC is not set up for this. You cannot set it up so products are shipped from different locations plus different shippers. Some of my vendors ship UPS, some Fed Ex and some freight. When I tried to set up the shipping for the Fed Ex products it wanted me to set up a Fed Ex acct. but I didn’t want or need one, my venor does the shipping. This is another problem. In addition, I’m an Amazon associate and sell quite a few Amazon products on my site. Adding to the BC site was difficult and took too much time. I never really figured out how to do it correctly and when I sent a ticket for help, they basically just referred me to the help forum, which was no help. I do like the templates, when I asked for help they were quick but BC just doesn’t have everything a business like mine needs. They said within the next year they will be adding shipping options, so I might try it again at that time.

    • Jennifer says

      I asked the guy assigned to help me set up my trial account with BC about the FedEx problem and he said they don’t have a direct link to FedEx that account just allows them to calculate shipping costs with FedEx. I don’t have an answer about using different shippers. I am a dropshipper also but I only have one source that uses one shipping method for my products. At least for now. Hope that helps.

      • Alyson says

        Thanks but it wouldn’t work with Fed Ex anyway because it would calculate shipping from my address. The products are shipped from a vendor at a different address, so they would be incorrect. If you have one source, it can work but I have more than five that are all over the country. Hopefully one day they will do as they said and have other options.

  45. Bryan Mull says

    A long time client of mine is using a Volusion store. They had a bit of trouble when Volusion upgraded in Winter of 2009. The company is still using Volusion but I know they are unhappy with their design and the template options that are available. Besides that, the system has a great back end for managing the store.

    I recently created two stores in Big Commerce and absolutely love the platform. Both of my stores have basic needs with product catalogs of 25 items or less. It was very easy to setup payment processing, shipping options, taxes, and SSL certificate. I had both of these store up and running within a couple days.

    Never worked with CoreCommerce but I’m definitely going to give them a try based on the comments of this post.

    I also mange one Magento store and while the learning curve was steep… it really is a great platform once you know what you are doing.

  46. Kenny says

    Wow a chaulk full of info here and very interesting comments.

    I rarely hear any comments about Americommerce which someone just mentioned and wish I could get some feedback on them. They appear to be extremely feature rich with ample product & shipping customizations and with Drop shipping support….and I think just added a Facebook integration app.


    • Mark says

      I’m currently trying to choose an e-commerce platform provider to go forward with, and had short-listed BigCommerce, Volusion and CoreCommerce.

      From what I’ve read on a number of different sites, and finally the above forum, Volusion seems to have a lot of negative commentary about it. This negativity (combined with the table-based layout restrictions – is this for real??) means I’ve dropped it from my short list.

      Back to trying to choose between CC and BC now!

  47. Marcel says

    Are there any other shopping carts that you do not need to pay monthly fees? Magento doesn’t do it for me. Can I purchase the volusion or bigcommerce cart outright?

    I don’t like the idea of paying well over $100/month for every e-store I want to open…

    • Mike says

      Volusion is around 10K now, for one key
      BC is actually Interspire but you’d probably need multiple licenses.
      Aspdotnetstorefront has a pretty nice multi-store that can be purchased. You can have multiple stores that share the same SQL database. It simplifies the back end and the customers never see the other sites.

  48. says

    Interspire is per domain – so you still need to pay for each new store – although it is a one off payment, not per month.

    Volusion is the same – pay per domain.

    Pinnacle again, host it yourself if you want – but pay per domain but each additional domain/licence si 50% off so it might be work exploring.

    LemonStand is a new one that has competitive pricing, but again you need a licence per domain

  49. Bill says

    I’ve been messing around with CoreCommerce for a while now, and I’ve found it to be feature-rich and documentation-poor. The current user manual (administrator guide) isn’t nearly as thorough as it should be. But that’s okay, since it’s for a previous version of the software, which renders much of the info useless anyway.

    There is a real lack of polish at CC, as if the cart is still a work in progress, with details and fine-tuning to be added at some future date. Site navigation is not intuitive, and a bit confusing. Those who have had other carts shouldn’t have too much trouble with CC, but newbies are doomed to bounce endlessly around the site in search of the right menu or button.

    As for Quickbooks integration, there is no documentation at all.

    All that said, I think CoreCommerce has tremendous potential, and some attention to the above issues could put them at the top of the heap.

    I imagine I’m not the only one who’s noticed that the trend in web service marketing is to lie or mislead as much as needed to get a new subscriber, then hope he/she doesn’t bail when the truth is discovered. Thus far, that has NOT been my experience at CoreCommerce, which is one reason that I’ll stick with them a while longer.

  50. Jim Nayzium says

    Just wondering if anyone can speak to the experience of actually switching from volusion (or any other already setup store) TO Big Commerce?

    BC advertises that the 301 redirects will hold your google rankings, but we are VERY HIGHLY ranked on 11,000 product pages. Does anyone know if we will literally be typing in 11,000 product pages into a config file for redirects? Or is there an import from sitemap option or something similar?

  51. Scott says

    Volusion is the absolute worst customer service/tech support i have encountered in 25 years in the business. HOURS on hold with an inexperienced tech with no answer, DAYS for trouble tickets to get replied to (again with canned answers) and HOURS on the live chat for help. Most days, the chat window will be open for over 4 hours before its your turn, then they can’t help. The record for us? over 7 hrs waiting for help on the chat. I hate this companies support. Unacceptable, horrible, awful.

    good luck trying to use their online help for integrating their own UPS shipping module with Worldship. You might as well pay a developer to write your own program.

    we have customers wanting ecomm solutions and we’re never, ever using Volusion again.

  52. Mike says

    Custom design and implementation with BigCommerce is terrible.
    Their CSS coding tools and structure are so bad that our developers and designers refuse to take on any more projects based on BigCommerce.

    • says

      Your developers realize you can edit nearly all of the HTML and completely re-write all of the CSS if they want – and you can use any tools you want – I use Dreamweaver.

  53. Paul says

    My client has a few unique requirements since they are a wholesaler.
    Namely, you have to be a valid business to register, you have to login to see the prices, and so on.
    I contacted BC, Volusion, Shopify, and MagentoGo (the new host based service by Magento).
    Shopify and MegentoGo doesn’t even meet my client’s requirements so they are out.
    From what I read in this thread, I think I will choose BC over Volusion, although I’m playing around the free trials on both to evaluate myself.

    • says

      Check BigCommerce very carefully – I would suggest grabbing the free trial and actually testing it yourself before making a decision. BigCommerce is great but they have a tendency to claim features that in reality they dont fully support.

      I don’t know of any automatic way for either cart to check the validity of a registration – you might have to check them yourself – or turn of public registrations and do it yourself

      • Paul says

        Thanks Andrew.
        My client wants a members-only shop which only the logged in customers can see the prices and purchase.

        Volusion does have this feature built in. However with BigCommerce, I found out that you have to tweak products and customer group to accomplish this. Basically you have to duplicate every single products and name them slightly differently and mark as unavailable to purchase for guest users.
        That doesn’t sound like a smart solution at all. You need twice as much time to update products and you have to upgrade the plan if the # of products exceed the limit by doubling the products.

        I’m now looking at CoreCommerce as well since they say they have this feature built in.
        Let’s see what happens.

        • says

          Volusion handles it very well (CoreCommerce I only looked at not implemented – so check the free trial) – the only trouble with Volusion is that the store fronts are very difficult to customise. If you find a template that is close to what you need you are in a good place – if your client wants it heavily modified it could be a big job.

  54. Fred says

    I have two Yahoo stores with multi-tier product sections (categories) and about 1000 products, many with multiple options i.e size, color, material.

    Working the Yahoo store and product catalog editors is a bit of a hassle and their store editor/ templates seem a out of date. A big issue is the 1.5% order commission. Image management is an issue. With only one image per section or product.

    The cost per store is $40/mo.

    What is excellent about Yahoo is their 24hr tech support! It’s very fast and I have used it extensively. There’s never a long wait, just a few minutes… and very frequently an immediate voice. All are technically qualified and have been able to handle all my support issues.

    So I’ve been looking at BC, Volusion, Shopify and also will also look at other platforms such as CoreCommerce and Americommerce.

    I decided to test Support at BC, Volusion and Shopify and right off the bat its turned me off, either a 15 minute wait time or not available when I need it. That’s in the evening, late Pacific. No problem with Yahoo…

    Product management and its categorization is very important to us.

    All these competitors have sexy sites and what appears to be answers for everything. Makes it seem effortless. I’ve worked hundreds of hours getting my stores operational. Trying to find the very best new partner possibility. At Yahoo there’s been no BullS. These others seem to have a lot of it. Am I correct? If so what are my best alternatives?

    • Steve Holt says

      Fred, I am in the same boat. I have been using Yahoo’s Small Business Ecommerce solution for a couple of years for several of my customer’s websites and although I really like the features, the back-end is clunky, and getting products on the pages isn’t easy for a novice. The cost is acceptable to me and their tech support is quick and helpful. But these products being discussed on this page here are quite attractive. I have some customers who want to sell in Facebook as well as on their website, so right now the Facebook integration is high on my list.

      Andrew, can you speak to your experience regarding Facebook integration with these products?

    • Benny says

      Fred i am exactly on the same boat. I have used Yahoo store for over 5 years and wants to switch. I have signed up with BC and and have copied a lot of my product over to BC but just can’t make the move because of their terrible support team. They give you all these features but expect you to figure it all out on your own. Yahoo support is rock solid but lack in more modern features and charge transaction fees. I wonder if part of the fees pays for the wonderful support (my take). Just signed for free trial with CC. Will see how that goes.

  55. Jennifer says

    I have read through all of these about 3 times and researched for weeks on end but I keep getting new info and more confused as to which way to go. I’ve been with wahmshoppes ($8 a month was cheap for start up and you get quite a bit) for 3 years now and have resisted moving since I know the cart well and hate to loose my search rankings. BUT I have to do it due to the size of my store, lack of professional look, and several features I need.
    Templates are not a big issue for me because I do have a designer I can use and just finished up a new logo design that isn’t up yet.
    I need a cart that is easy to navigate.. mine was crazy simple and I’m not very savvy with the internet still. Must also several things; a place for customers to leave product reviews, coupons/discounts I can change in a variety of ways.. like different volume discount functions (by product, dollar amount,etc.), registries, affiliates program (prefer but not necessary if it’s the only thing lacking), photo gallery of some kind (I have over 300 photos in a gallery on mine I paid for and want to keep), product out of stock-email when available, or something similar to that, preorder products.
    I do have quite a few products also so not sure if that will be an issue.
    I’ve looked at Volusion a lot because another friend used them and spoke highly but I hear they have hidden costs and know their CS is shoddy. I will def. need help! LOL BigCommerce is another I keep coming back to mostly because they are mentioned a lot but they have no affiliates program. Think all the rest is there though. And then a new one was Pinnacle which seems like a good way to go. Only downside is I don’t hear as much about them and wonder why. Corecommerce I haven’t looked into as much but after reading through these posts again, might need to.
    Is there any way to get in direct contact and have you take a look at my current setup to help me make a decision? My big thing is I need a more professional but fun look and setup.. mine is very very basic, along with the features mentioned. Money is an issue but not a big one if I can get what I need and make my work day more streamlined by having a better cart. kwim?

  56. M says

    Seems like I’ve been through it all, back in 1996 I hired freelancers to design a cart for our catalog, then MS B-Central, Then AT&T, Then Store 2000(Volusion), Then ASPDNSF, and now I’m with BC. It’s very nice, the page rankings were very extremely fast, we’re making sales, I can’t complain. The back end order system is sweet, the best I’ve seen yet. Sure, whichever one you pick will have some downside along with the upsides. For now, I see the best potential with BC.

  57. Jennifer says

    What do you think of prestashop or cs-cart.. those are 2 others I’ve looked at but understand I need to get my own host with them?

  58. fiona says

    Jennifer… your story sounds like the rest of us, it can get quite obsessive to find the best cart! there were a few things now that came up about bc that was a deal breaker for me.. cannot remember the fine details.. a month has passed… possibly the shipping, or offering wholesale options etc.. when i did months of looking reading trying, reading, hours and hours.. so much i am embarrassed to count.. i was fixed on CC then that was out.. but in reading all the rest there is not one perfect one.. so ended up heading back to CC. I will be finalizing my choice in the next few weeks.. so keep us posted on where you end up. good luck.

    • Shannon says

      I did, it was the worst, I had to re-upload all of my products to another service, yahoo had to many charges to me!

  59. Dane says

    Hi guys,

    Which solution is best these days for drop shipping?

    In other words… if we will not be keeping our own inventory, but instead will have everything dropshipped for us, which is the best provider?


  60. Evan says

    Hi All,

    I like everyone else have been studying carts for a long time. My client will need to hold inventory and drop ship, so BC is out. I am still looking at CC, MagentoGO, and volusion. However, I was wondering why I haven’t read anything about another seemingly popular service: Business Catalyst/GoodBarry? Can someone shed some light on this?

    • says

      Business Catalyst (and the old Good Barry) are just awful. I can’t think of anything positive to say about my experience with either product

    • Shannon says

      Evan, I use Adobe Business Catalyst- sorry to say, but it has to be the most annoying service I have ever used, and I’ve used some annoying ones such as merchant moms and yahoo- both weren’t all that great neither, I mean yahoo is okay, but theres better. Adobe Business Catalyst is not simple to use from a clients point of view at least. Core commerce seems to be pretty cool!

  61. Evan says

    Well that should all but complete my search. . Just curious though, what makes it so awful?

    Have you tried alternatives such as LightCMS or Squarespace? I’d assume the ecommerce system just isn’t robust enough, or lacking entirely without 3rd parties, but they do look promising for the future nonetheless.

    I am now down to MagentaGo and Core Commerce. Have you considered doing a versus article for that? I am having trouble figuring out if MagentaGo can dropship.

    • says

      Basically everything seemed to be deliberately backwards just so they could tell me that they are different. Even simple things like uploading new templates turned into a 5 hour struggle with a content management system that looked about 7 years old.

      • M19 says

        Ok here it is:

        Magento.go: is this different from the free magento?
        Volusoin: not good with design – old system
        Americommerce not much feedback?
        Corecommerce what’s wrong with them?
        Bigcommerce (interprise) lacking dropshipping/affiliate/ features
        X-cart anyone?

        • says

          Magento.go – is basically Magento with he limitations of it being hosted so you lose access to the source

          Volusion – should be ignored until it goes away

          Americommerce – no issue with it, just not as good as everything else

          Core Commerce – buggy, some limitations to design flexibility, great support and a bright future

          Big Commerce – All those features are either available as separate add-ons or slated for inclusion in coming months – but the support is pretty average, otherwise it is a great tool

          X-Cart is a swear word around here. It nearly died about 3 years ago, someone should have done the word a favour and finished it off. It is awful to customise, the admin backend looks like something from 1980 and works about as well – no I lie, it doesn’t work that well

          • M19 says

            haha, thanks for the thorough feedback.

            Bigcommerce add ons are pretty pricey, compared to free. So corecommerce beats it to that. My question would be would corecommerce work to make the design more flexible? I mean can they even do that or is it something they should have planned when they started building the platform?

  62. Matt says

    How is the flexibility of design between corecommerce and bigcommerce? I find Volusion not as good with CSS, any other platforms you recommened for superb design control? Magento, Pinnacle…?

    • says

      The absolute best for design flexibility is Shopify, Big Commerce is pretty good. Core commerce leaves a lot to be desired, Volusion is the devils tool when it comes to design flexibility.

      Magento is quite flexible but it takes heaps of effort, Zen Cart is shit, Pinnacle let us do whatever we needed

      • Matt says

        this is certainly helpful, yet making it difficult for me. shopify looks great but it looks as if it doesn’t even have half the features others do, like drop shipping, affiliates etc., am I right?

        In terms of design flexibility difference how would you rate these compared on a scale of 0-10?


        lets X-cludevolusion, zencart, x-cart already

        • says

          Yeah Shopify is pretty light on features – and no sign of that improving either

          As for the numbers:
          shopify – 10
          pinnacle – 7
          magento – 8.5 but you have to work fot ir
          corecommerce – 6
          bigcommerce – 9

  63. Bill says

    we manufacture catnip toys that we supply distributors and I’m trying to find a backend to our website that a distributor can access and place orders from. i looked at big commerce and have read your other reviews. ideally what i would like is an online store thats easy to manage, have multiple prices (up to eight) for each product, and the prices are drawn dynamically based upon the user/pass of the customer group. the store would be only accessible to customers assigned and not to the public.

    any recommendations?

  64. Paul says

    I totally agree on poor design flexibility on Volusion as I’ve done a customization for my client once before.
    But I don’t want to say it was pain in the ass. Because you just can’t do it, period. So I didn’t really have to suffer. I just did what I could do.
    But I think all they have to do is to add classes to div and table tags here and there in their source file. That would expand the css flexibility big time. I wonder why they don’t do that….

    • says

      They don’t do it because they actually sell custom design services which they try and sell you when you contact to ask about how to style Volusion properly (I wish I was just being a jerk, but they actually did this).

      Yes they could easily fix it – last time I had to really customise it I had to use javascript to add css classes to each element so it could be styled properly.

  65. Matt says

    ahhh man – just when I had mysigh set on corecommerce!

    I am interested to know a little deeper what these differences are design-wise in detail. I think this will help all the readers here as well to make a calculated decision.

  66. Matt says

    Actually it would be great to know the detailed differnce in flexibility for design between Corecommerce and Bigcommerce Andrew. Since you’re versed in both, that should help a great deal to grasp how it will really affect the project(s).

      • says

        OK, BC gives you access to about 90% of the HTML output. You can edit it, add classes, ID, modify it completely, including the HTML Head area – tere is very little you can not do, and in the few cases where they inject blocks of code you can delete it and hard code in menu’s and lists etc as you see fit

        CC let you modify the page header and footer (including HTML Head) so you can essentially warp a block of code above and below anything that CC output. The code they inject into the space between is rather clean and has nice ID’s and classes so you can generally make it look like what you need it to but occasionally you need to compromise.

  67. Maria says

    About to undertake a huge over haul. We are between BC and CC. Wondering if anyone has any insight as to either one having any consignment features. Kyozou has lots of consignment features but that’s about all they have. Not interested in much else they offer. Thanks for any insight

  68. Ash says

    Hi Andrew,

    I already have a website and I want to create an e-commerce page using Big Commerce. I would like for this new page to look exactly like the rest of my website, however, it seems that I’m not able to do this with Big Commerce.

    I have spent many hours working with the Trial account with Big Commerce but it seems that they won’t all me to create a template from scratch and insert the shopping cart / a product list inside my layout.

    It’d appreciate it if you could advise if what I’m trying to achieve is possible with Big Commerce. If not, what other platform would allow me to do this?


    • says

      You can absolutely create BigCommerce templates from scratch to exactly match an existing website – what site do you want the cart to look like?

      • Ash says

        Hi Andrew,

        Thank you for your prompt reply. The project website is currently offline, I’ve been working with Bigcommerce to do a test however, I’ve been told by customer support that what I wanted to do is not possible.

        Their suggestion was that I should work off of the current templates, change the CSS and HTML, in order to achieve the look and feel as closely as possible, however, as you know that is not the objective.

        Would you be able to provide me with some guidance on how I can use the snippets in my own custom templates?


  69. yancey says

    Hey Andrew,
    Great thread, I’ve been looking at new shopping carts for a few weeks now. I have been bouncing between Big Commerce and 3dCart but Pinnacle Cart seems to offer a lot of features I’m looking for as well. What is the lowdown on this cart… What can you tell us good or bad about Pinnacle Cart? You seem to be in the know. Any detail would be greatly appreciated!!!

    • says

      Pinnacle is good, nothing at all wrong with it, it just lacks a few features that make BigCommerce a touch more appealing for a lot of people. If it has all the features you need go for it you won’t be disappointed

  70. Mark says

    Thank you Andrew for this comparative info. I’m going to give Big Commerce a trial run. I was on Volusion and had a terrible time; I found the back end confusing, server speeds spotty, and was very frustrated with trying to customize a template. You’re right, every time I tried to get answers, their response was basically that I should hire them to customize. I think their free templates are butt-ugly on purpose so you’ll hire them. This was a couple years ago, but their site pitch included things that turned out not to be true. I got in such a back and fourth with them that they took the bullet point off their site (about being able to drop their cart into your pre-existing site) on the customizing features area. However a week later they put they put it back on. I’m hoping to have a better experience with BC. Thanks for your helpful analysis.

    • Mark says

      Just to follow up with the above post I wrote in May. I pulled my site from Vousion and went with Big Commerce. Though it’s not perfect, it’s a vast improvement from Volusion, at least in my opinion. I’m not a web wiz and I’ve been able to customize it pretty well, though I’m still developing it. So far I’m happy with BC, though I’ve not had to use their customer service, so I can’t speak for that.

  71. Kyle says

    I just found out about services like shopify, volusion, etc. I tried the Volusion trial, and found it pretty good, I never tried the others. I have another site I set up in osCommerce (setting up two stores at the same time). They are very simple stores. I have my store on osCommerce already ranking well and I haven’t done much yet, so I’m kinda worried about changing things.
    Store 2 I set up on Volusion pretty easy, editing the templates a bit. It’s a very simple store so it wasn’t too hard, and I don’t even know CSS that well.

    My question is, should I stick with Volusion if I made my template work? Like I said it’s a simple store, I don’t need much. I like the support from Volusion, but now I’m reading their support is not that great.

  72. Jennifer says

    So I think I’m going to give Bigcommerce another trial run and just stop my referral accounts. My ? is… how well is their SEO because I’ve been at my current site for 4 years now and while I don’t have super high ratings… I do have a few I hate to lose.
    Right now I’m with wahmshoppes and it’s just too too basic and I need a more professional site at this point in the business.

    Also, I’ve got hundreds of links out there to my current location (customers giving props and referrals), will these forward to my new store location or are all those going to be gone once I move hosts?

  73. fiona says

    jennifer.. may sure you do the switch carefully.. there is away you can not looks all those links but it will take someone who is knowing what they are doing. there was a great example, a simple mom and pop sho, very basic website, selling something so simple. they had a great base sales, and everyone talked about them and links from all over. someone offered to build them a new site and make them look more professional, they lost all the links, and no one could find them, not knowing their names but just linking. So, dont under estimate all those links you have. If anyone knows the proper terms, or better still knows how to do what i am trying to explain..

  74. M says

    With BC, the SEO ranking and the speed in which it showed up was incredible, I’d like to know how they do that. So, this is BC vs V….you definitely want BC. Our sales are good, the admin side is good, and the consumer side is very nice. V is old, I have a licensed version of V from 2003, it has not changed very much. W’ere about to open a second BC store this week. I would recommend WhosOn for visitor tracking and reports, you can put the code right into BC’s chat settings, and watch the visitors in real time from your PC. Same goes with Ebay, etc. For the price and the features, you cannot go wrong with BC. Get in there and start making some sales.

  75. David says

    I agree with M have 3 sites on BG, it just works. SEO is good out of the box. If you have got this far down the post stop wasting any more of your time. Just get out there and use all of the channels available to you. One tip: – Just offer great customer service and be communicative with whatever you are selling.

  76. Mikey says

    what about paypal for a shopping cart?
    we just have around 10-15 products we want to sell.
    Core Commerce and big commerce sound good.. just don’t want to pay the big monthly cost when we are just starting out.
    thank you.

  77. Jerritt says

    This is extremely helpful. Can anyone speak to BC’s integration with Quickbooks and QB POS? The last comments about that were over a year ago. Any information or opinions will be appreciated.

  78. Bryan says

    I am designing a website for a small bbq and hot sauce company. I get the impression from some posts that BigCommerce and Volusion and these other large ecommerce providers are not user friendly when trying to integrate their cart into a user-generated custom design. My question is what is the best choice for someone who really doesn’t care to use their website templates? Which provider will allow me to most easily integrate their cart into my design?

    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Shopify would be best for complete custom design but comes with per transaction fees, BigCommerce is quite flexible and you can customise it a lot.

      • Brian Bjerketvedt says

        I’ve hired a developer to customize my shop with 3D cart and it’s been a real struggle for him. I’m considering switching. The design is quite clean and basic and shouldn’t be this hard.

        You mention BigCommerce for ease of custom integration. I’d love to avoid the transaction fees.

        Do you know enough about 3D cart? Enough to compare it to others to make a recommendation for ease of custom development?

        Would love your thoughts.

        • Ryan says

          Having now designed templates for both Shopify and BigCommerce, I can say from experience that BigCommerce is great to work with and for all but the totally unorthodox, custom designs should not be an issue for any seasoned designer.

  79. Matt says

    Great article Andrew. We are UK based e-tailer and currently use a UK ecommerce platform called Tiger Commerce. Cost us £80.00 (approx $130 USD) for the year – Special Offer. Normally £20 mth (approx $30 USD) .. Free 14-Day trial, No set up fees, no transactional fees, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited products and categories, unlimited storage, though a templated design you can easily change the basic appearance to suit your brand via their fairly competent and intuitive back end CP. Tiger has been a good platform for us in launching our 3 sites which we have been operating for approx 18 months. We experienced brief down time on several occasions, but their support is pretty good and responsive during working hours (GMT). I would certainly not hesitate suggesting Tiger to anyone looking at dipping their toes into the world of e-commerce on a tight budget.

    However, we feel that we have out grown their platform. The product options available are somewhat limited and clunky. And since investing in SEO the past 4 months, we have learned that Tiger’s SEO structure is not too friendly. Heavy source code, no URL re-write option, no blog integration, and all shops on shared servers etc..

    Our requirements ranked on importance:

    1. SEO – must be uber SEO friendly.
    2. Design / Functionality – easily customisable without the need to outsource design work. I am familiar with Dreamweaver basics.
    3. Blog integration.
    4. Product Options – easily add clear product ‘add-ons’ before adding to cart.
    5. Ability to assign unique P+P prices to Individual products, and the ability to add ‘Call for a carriage price’ for large specialist items.

    Can anyone with experience of BC, CC, Volusion, Shopify etc suggest which one we should seriously consider, based on our requirements?

    Thanks in advance, Matt

  80. Z says

    I’ve been using Bigcommerce for a few months. When I was on the trial plan, support was beyond excellent. Once I had signed up and paid, support was the worst I’ve ever experienced. Most queries designated as not within the realm of their deliverables and used as an opportunity to try selling their partners to me (probably in an effort to get commission. Even when I had a query that I am sure they should be helping me with (for example when I informed them that their emails were sent to my old address and I’ve tried to update my email unsuccessfully so could they please help) it was ignored under the blanket “not within our scope”. For one of my queries, I couldn’t figure out how it worked because the instructions on the site and support forums were WRONG. Apparently they had updated how the feature worked but did not update anything else (thanks for wasting 2 days of my time- the support person did not even apologise, just said “oh we’ve changed it”) Could go on endlessly regarding what I am not happy about, but shall not waste my time. Suffice to say, I DO NOT RECOMMEND BIGCOMMERCE.

    • Matt says

      Thanks for the info. Would appear as though BigCommerce fail miserably in their customer and technical service – Not the first time i’ve read of poor responses and response times. hmm

      3DCart looks / reads quite impressive. Any one have experience of their platform?

  81. Anthony says

    Currently using Volusion and PC America products but I cannot figure out a way to tie inventory together with 2 retail stores and E commerce sight. I am looking for something that when an item is sold @ the POS via retail deducts from a centralized database that the e commerce site is using. So far no luck but I feel it must be a common problem. Volusion’s customer service is appaling to say the least and their development division is a joke.

      • Anthony says

        Author: John Parker
        Integration with a pos? Is the system you are running from RMS? I can help

        No just PC America POS software and Volusion. Volusion claims that it can run two warehouses but in the finite instructions it can’t deal with it without major issues because it can’t distinguish between the two on an order, so warehouse 1 has to have inventory for parts A thru L and warehouse 2 has to have parts M thru Z. We have 2 brick and mortar stores and a website which does about 170 orders a day.

      • brett says

        Do you know of a RMS integration? I am searching for one that works with a great Ecommerce solution, if you know of one of those as well.

      • Sarah says

        Hi John,

        I’m looking for a program to connect a SQL RMS with our BigCommerce site. Are you able to recommend one? Another question: are you able to build a custom interface that would allow you control management of inventory etc in a tabular format (like eBusiness Desk)?

        Thank you,

  82. Taajah says

    Does Big Commerce actually offer affiliate tracking or is it an add on. I need affiliate tracking with memberships and a shopping cart. Geez. Sounds like a lot even to me.

    Does anyone have any experience with aka JEM?

  83. Sanjay says

    I’ve been a Volusion customer for six months. I feel like Volusion did a bait and switch on me.. Volusion’s website says “It’s a big relief having 24/7/365 LIVE support, with everything handled by a single company.” To actually talk with one of those “LIVE” people takes hours. When I got through, the “single company” couldn’t fix my problem. Two weeks ago my e-mail problem was blamed on Rackspace. The Volusion person said there was nothing to do but wait. Last week my site problem was blamed on Dell. Same answer. Wait on Dell to fix the problem. I’ve spent a lot of money on my Volusion site with very little to show for my money.

  84. Taajah says

    I have purchased the hosted version of JROX Jem affiliate and shopping cart software. I haven’t had a chance to delve into it. So far, I’m having problems with support. They only have a help desk. No phone. They have already closed a support ticket without even answering the question. I even sent them the question via email and no response. I will keep everyone informed.

    • Taajah says

      Ok. Tried JROX Jem. Great features for what I’m doing, but customer support was HORRIBLE. It took over a week to get a response on a basic support ticket. From what I could see, there’s no money back guarantee either.

      I’m currently trying Premium Web Cart. When compared to volusion and other carts, it looks great. They have a comparison grid on their website. Unfortunately that comparison does not include big commerce.

      Has anyone used premium web cart?

  85. MIchael says

    I just finished the entire thread and I am still confused as to which is the best e-commerce site for me. I have to say Volusion’s sales department was so bad that I asked to speak to a VP level person and was told I could not. I asked for a new sales person, received one call and then the original person kept sending me “canned” sales materials. In addition, the sales person actually called me and told me that since I was not using by trial they were canceling it. After asking if he looked at the number of log ins and the fact I was in meetings for two days – I decided that since the sales department was so insulting how could I possibly depend on after-sale support. I am now looking hard at BigCommerce and oreCommerce – thank you all for your posts.

  86. MP says

    It took me 1 hour to get up and running on BigCommerce, while it takes 48 hours for Volusion to set up your account. Also, if you try to cancel your service in that 48 hours, Volusion will charge you the fee anyway (though this is not advertised on their website), so be sure you want to go with Volusion before signing up for your account. Also, as other comments mentioned, their customer support is really terrible. On the flip side, I’ve had great experience with BigCommerce support, very responsive and helpful, offering workarounds where there are limitations to the site.

    • Mark Kelly says

      Personally I’d be tempted to avoid something built using classic ASP – unless you’ve got a compelling reason to do so.

      I’ve been looking for a Microsoft based ecommerce platform and have come across NopCommerce ( which looks promising (although I’ve not had a chance to take a proper look at it).

  87. Brian says

    thanks for this. i was definitely leaning in the same direction on all the points you mentioned and you just reassured me that bigcommerce dominates volusion. appreciate the review!

  88. KP says

    After this review, I’ve made my decision to take my business to BC! I’ve been doing lots of research and I have a professional designing my site, so I’m confident it’ll work out as far as that.
    I’m not that tech savvy and I’ve been confused by the term “bandwidth”. I understand it’s how much content x how many people view my page etc etc, but I’ve heard that fees can really rack up there. As a new business I’m going to go with the basic plan, but will that be enough bandwidth?
    I thought of using shopify, but the fact that they charge a transaction fee is a put off for me.
    Btw, what do you think of WIX and BigCartel?
    Thanks in advance!
    – KP

  89. Patrick says

    I’m looking to leave webstore by Amazon and have narrowed my choices for a new solution down to BC, CC or 3D Cart. Does anyone have any comments regarding 3D Cart. I drop ship from my supplier so order export and tracking number import functionality is important.

  90. lparkos says

    I am confused.. I looked at BigCommerce and they also charge a transaction fee…

    Maybe I am confused by what you mean by transaction fee?

    • says

      A transaction fee is a fee charged per sale you make on your website. If you sell a $100 product in your store Shopify will charge you 1% or 2% (so $1 or $2).

      BigCommerce does not charge a transaction fee.

  91. susan says

    Wow! Thanks. This forum is really helpful for an eCommerce newbie.

    The 30 day trials sound appealing, how much time have people invested in a platform in order to test it?

    I’m looking at BigCommerce, CoreCommerce and Sopify, depending on what is important to my client:
    -matching our site design exactly (Shopify)
    -PCI certification (CoreCommerce
    -Best mix of features (BigCommerce)

  92. greenhorn says

    I am considering a part time drop ship venture, which must by it’s part time nature be somewhat automated. I would likely start with less than 100 products, and not want to use a designer, just templates for the page. what can I expect my initial start up cost to be just to get functional, and are all the tools needed….POS, shopping cart, etc available through one of these companies discussed here, or do I have other decisions to make regarding service providers. I know it must sound like I am so naive that I should probably not launch, but I am much interested in the concept of multiple streams of revenue, and want to add something to my current companies.

    • says

      If you use one of the free provided templates your start up cost would be the cost of a domain ($10) and the cost of the shopping cart. You would be well served to also get an SSL certificate which would add $80 a year (average).

      Beyond that you could realistically do te rest by yourself if you spent some time reading the shopping cart help files and watching the setup videos

  93. Rebecca says

    Hi, Andrew!
    I am opening a small retail wine shop that will have an online store. We need to find an in-store POS system that will automatically integrate with the shopping cart that we choose to power our online store (likely either BigCommerce, Volusion, or Shopify). Can you tell me which, if any, of these shopping carts automatically integrate with which POS systems? Thanks!

    • says

      Neither really – BigCommerce and Volusion allow you to manually enter orders though so they are probably your best solution. I know several businesses that run solely on BigCommerce but they use BigCommerce to process payments not an in store POS. You could look for a POS system that you can customize to upload your orders and inventory to BigCommerce but there are no truly integrated POS and website e-commerce solutions

      • Rebecca says

        Thanks for the prompt reply. Do you know if I can swipe credit cards in-store (with an attachment) using BigCommerce? Or, must I enter them manually?

        • says

          You would have to manually enter the card number for BigCommerce to process it. You could process it in store and have a custom payment type in BigCommerce of “Paid in Store” which you could you manually entering orders

          • tbone says

            I’m a noob to this, but I did see that VendHQ has a nice-looking POS that integrates w/ Shopify.

  94. John Parker says

    Rebecca What version of POS are you running off of ? If it is Microsoft RMS I have the solution.

    John Parker

  95. Rebecca says

    Got it. So, I could use my FirstData credit card reader to swipe in store, then I manually adjust the payment completion on my BigCommerce site?
    Above you say that you know several businesses that run solely on BigCommerce. Do you mean businesses with physical storefronts, like ours? Or, strictly web-based businesses?

      • Rebecca says

        If I’m using either BigCommerce or Volusion as my instore POS, am I able to process orders if my internet connection fails?

        And how do I back up my inventory information on site? I assume that it’s stored on one of their servers somewhere, but how do I assure access to that data if I am unable to get online?


  96. denise says

    what about big cartel vs. big commerce or easy shop? easy shop is super expensive but looks comprehensive. big cartel is the least expensive.

    • says

      not sure about Easy Shop (do you have a URL) Big Cartel is wonderful, but it only suits smaller online retailers really. It s brilliant software though and if you are just starting out with a few lines it is great.

      It’s a bit difficult to compare it to BigCommerce because they are a long way apart in terms of features and functionality

  97. mike says

    BIG COMMERCE IS AWFUL- A YEAR and $10,000 into development I am looking at switching to another platform. They deliver the bare minimum and look for 3rd parties to fix everything they don’t have the time to develop. They support multiple warehousing? BS!!!!!!!! They point you to a 3rd party who helps write a PO automatically- WOW Thanks for nothing Big Commerce

  98. Siew says

    Hi Andrew,

    I came across the cart Izzonet but I can[t find anyone reviewing it at all. It looks like it has alot of features = Ebay etc. Can you do a review on it? I am looking for a cart with all the Big Commerce features but with unlimited bandwidth which Izzonet has but I just can’t find any outside information on them.
    Your expert advise would be most welcome.


    • says

      Siew, I have touched based with the IzzoNet people and have looked around quickly at the software. It is pretty impressive. I will start writing quick looks and reviews over the weekend (not sure when they will be published) if you do give them a run I would love to hear your thoughts.


  99. Taylor says

    Andrew great thread. Lots of good info.

    Saw your post back to Rebecca about POS/ecommerce integrations and there is a truly integrated e-commerce and Saas POS platform called CORESense, but we are moving off of it due to the cost. It has been really frustrating trying to find a good way of reintegrating back to one database–even if it is just stock control! I guess we were spoiled. It seems like all of the e-commerce platforms out there have forgotten that people may have brick and mortar stores they’d like to integrate. Sheesh!

    Our best bet at this point is Shopify/Vend/Xero/Mailchimp since it seems like Shopify has the best flexibility and number of intregrations. Plus Vend is a Saas/Cloud based POS which is important to us and they only integrate with Shopify at this point. That said, now that I’ve started playing with Shopify, I realize how few features it really does have- like even the most basic sorting. I guess we’ll just have to figure if database integration is more important to us than website functionality.

    If you have any new solutions be sure to let us know!

    • says

      Thanks for the information Taylor, I will look at your new solution in the next couple of days and comment further.

      Yes Shopify have a very limited feature set I hope they are looking to fix that in coming releases but I don’t see any indication that they are

  100. Ted Krammer says

    We have been on the Volusion platform for several years and have to say it was the worst mistake we ever made. They can’t keep the site up and running. Every month or so they are down for days and now actually for more than 2 weeks. You will go broke if you go with Volusion and your site revenue is critical to your survival. The problem started when they moved from Rackspace to their own hosting. They didn’t know what they are doing and still don’t. Run don’t walk somewhere else but Volusion. Personally I will never a hosted platform again because they trap you. Once you build out on their platform you can’t move without losing your links plus the time it takes.

    • hal says

      hello ted

      i was planning to start using the volusion service and see that you and few other people on this blog are pretty unhappy with them

      did you have any type of bandwidth issues with volusion,
      tell me some more about volusion please… i am also thinking about americommerce and ashop

      overall my main priority is having a online store good for wholesaling. meaning i want to have good search engine exposure and good customer follow up features…

      of course site needs to be up and running with a good speed… looks like volusion has local services in different parts of the world… and it seems like they have their game together now… at least thats what it looks like.

      pls give some more feedback

  101. Steve says

    I have been on Shopify for just under 2 years.
    Their inventory system DOES NOT WORK.
    It will randomly change inventory levels of your products. They have been aware of the problem (as I was forced to provide them with proof) and they have done nothing to fix it in over a year. They added 1 new feature and held a contest though…
    …because that’s really important to my 1000’s of customers wondering wtf is going on…

    It’s sad because as helpful as your article is, it just touches the “sales pitch” surface. Reviewing the actual functionality of a site would take 6-12 months of day to day use, (to really uncover all the real issues). It took me over a 1 year to absolutely confirm (without any doubt) that it is a Shopify issue, not human error that was screwing up my inventory.

    How do I get compensated for the lost sales, insane stress (the larger the order I received, the more stressful it became due to inventory inconsistencies) and the burden of now having to transfer just under 10,000 products to another provider.

    At this moment Sunday, 9:42pm, 3/18/2012 EST, I am awaiting Shopify’s response to the “minor” issue of their software randomly changing the inventory values of my 9811 different SKU’s. Unfortunately, unlike the 100’s of people that are shopping at my store today, Shopify offices and support are “closed” on Sunday.

    Stop and think about that for a moment…

  102. jim says

    HAving major issues with Volusions SEO,need to get CSS minified,HTML minified,Javascript minified and the Scripts are not in order.
    Waiting in line behind 36 others at the moment for help from an adviser who asks the same question half a dozen times(site went blank at the weekend,and it was as simple as an unexpected digit in the meta tags,big fingers,but took two hours to get that answer?????
    Any help would be appreciated,I have two sites with them and haven’t got the money to go bespoke and need to change/update products weekly.

  103. hal says


    Andrew or anyone out there who can help!!!

    Been doing research on Bigcommerce, Volusion 3dcart and a few others. Planning to start a wholesale business that will offer many different types of products. From auto parts to rugs and carpets, from clothes and fabrics to food…

    I need a website that will be able to unite many types of products under different categories but at the same time make it easy for clients to find what they need. SO FAR SO GOOD. LOOKS LIKE ALL ONLINE PLATFORMS WILL SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.

    My confusion comes in with choosing the better platform for WHOLESALE and RETAIL business combined. I also need a store that will allow multiple languages. How do I tackle that?

    Just to summarize my priorities:
    1. need to be able to post many different types of products and still have an easy to use website

    2. need to do wholesale and retail at the same time.

    3. ability to support multiple languages (everyone so far is talking about that google translate feature. do i have a better option???)

    4. still need to fit in a low budget :))) i hope i am not asking for too much

  104. hal says

    looks like no one is reading this blog anymore… its been a few days and there is no one responding!!!

    • Steve B says

      Big Commerce.

      More transparent seem to have more interest in the existing clients. Modern checkout. Fast loading

      The bottom line is will you sell more with BigCommerce

  105. Be A Part Of says

    hal, the items you are asking for SCREAM to use BigCommerce to me, you need to have something that has an easy to use restfulAPI that can extend your site as you need to.

    The question at the end of the day though is still what the “low budget is”… if you have under $1000.00 I think you are asking for too much but if you have 3-5K then you can probably get everything done and have it done by a professional.

    Either way, I don’t see an issue getting what you need done in BigCommerce, volusion, on the other hand would not facilitate your needs as I know from experience, but 3dCart I don’t know well but I don’t think they have a nice API as of yet?

  106. Carlos says

    I’ve been with BigCommerce for 6 months, and I’m looking to ditch it and start over. It’s been very frustrating, specifically, their platform is consistently behind other platforms. For example, I can’t have a blog embedded in my store, yet I can with 3DCart. I can’t use Goggle Analytics to track the single page checkout process to see where customers drop out. I have to copy/paste shipping to UPS/USPS/FedEx unless I pay some third party an extra $30 a month. eMail? Forget it. They told me to run my email through Google. Lastly, you need to know quite a bit of HTML to fix problems and to customize templates. Fortunately, their Forum is full of very helpful people who know HTML more than I do (Customer Support won’t help with customization issues or fixes).

    So I’m looking at Volusion, 3DCart, etc. Many of these other platforms appear to have their drawbacks as well! One good thing about BigCommerce is that it does integrate well with iContact. So that’s a must for me with a new platform.

    • Greg says


      1. You can use google analytics, you use event tracking
      2. You can do a blog by making some DNS changes in bigcommerce and hosting a wordpress at a subdomain or use the news feature to make your own version of a blog
      3. You can use microsoft 360 and have exhange server hosting over your emails at $4/user or Godaddy $1.99/month
      4. You really shouldn’t be doing coding yourself anyways, you should be focusing on increasing your sales,marketing and exposure
      5. Volusion is a horrible second option
      6. Given your needs why not go for a open source solution that you can code whatever you need on?

      I think you need to look at the costs of switching platforms vs paying for the things you need to have happen on the cart

      • Carlos says

        While I sincerely appreciate your responses, you’ve proven my point. I’m not a technical person, so making “DNS changes…” is beyond my area of expertise. Yet BC won’t/can’t help do this. I’d love not to have to code, since I don’t know what I’m doing. Yet I find myself learning HTML on the fly just to make simple changes.

  107. Carlos says

    Oh, one more thing. With BigCommerce, your upsell options are very limited. So for example, you can set up a “Buy X get another Free” or “Buy X get Y Free” but you can’t set up a “Buy X get Y at 10% discount” or “Buy one X and get a second for y% off.”

      • Carlos says

        Again, I would have no idea how to do this, and BC won’t help. We’ve asked BC to spend more time developing upsell options, but instead they seem to be spending their time on an iPhone app. Frustrating…

  108. Carlos says

    The biggest issue I have with BigCommerce customer support is that the answers they provide tend to be very short, technical, and not sensitive to the needs of the business owner.

    • Greg says

      I am sure as a business owner you realize that support at all of the hosted carts is going to be fair at best… high turnover and you can’t always get the best support member…volusion support is far worse. 3DCart is pretty good but I would think you are hit and miss with all platforms

    • says

      I like it a lot so far. I am reviewing it at the moment but it really looks like a great alternative to Shopify and he themes are amazing

  109. wezers says

    Big Commerce is built on Interspire, , Interspire customers has been treated so bad over the last two years it sickens me. Any company that disregards its customers in this way is one to avoid. Big commerce have just stated they are no longer going to support Interspire, the very foundations of Big Commerce, leaving thousands of store owners with useless software and no support.

    What happens next, Mich and his crew get bored with Big Commerce and ditch it and shaft all Big Commerce users same as they have Interspire customers. Avoid Big Commerce like the plague unless you like bugy, ill thought out appls like ebay intergrations, mailchimp intergration thats only links to lists and not groups, tax problem with google, feed problems for anyone living outside the USA and trying to use google feeds.

    Did i forget to mention they ban users and delete posts if they dont like yourfeedback in the forum.

    It is all hype.

    Look to CS Cart, Magento or Actinic.

  110. Taajah Phenezy says


    Your reviews are fantastic! Thanks so much for all the hard work and diligence you’ve put into your reviews. It’s obvious that no software is perfect or even close to perfect. They all have pros and cons.

    I need a shopping cart that is proficient in delivering mp3’s simply and effectively. In your opinion, which shopping cart does that better?


  111. says

    Any of the major carts could do it. MP3 doesn’t need any special tracking so it is very straight forward – look at BigCommerce and Shopify (with Fetch)

    Volusion has brilliant digital download support but it is more geared towards software that needs licence keys delivered as well but this is over kill on music downloads.

    Thanks for the nice words, they mean a lot – very glad you find the posts useful.

  112. Sergey says

    Previous SEO specialist pitched owner to use Shopify and now I’m suffering for that decision. Shopify platform has very limited general features and extremely limited SEO features. I’m researching other options on the market but it seems like there is none. Every platform has it’s problems and in a long run all of them are bad (too much dependency on shopping cart provider). Any advises on other viable options to change from 3rd party shopping cart provider?


    • says

      You can always develop your own custom shopping cart that satisfies your needs exactly, or customise and open source cart like Open Cart

      • Sergey says

        Which open source carts would you recommend? I’ve heard of Joomla but I’m not sure how good are it’s features.

  113. Dan says

    Hey guys,

    I need a simple to use hosted shopping cart. It will just be me dealing with it and I have no real technical knowledge so to speak. I’ll have approx 100 or so products and I just want to be able to customize the colours, logo and basic layout. I don’t want a long contract as if my business doesn’t seem to take off I will just scrap the idea.

    Volusion looked perfect and I very nearly signed up to it until I saw the reviews in the comments section here: seo

    As such, I’m now confused. Is Volusion really this bad? Or is this

  114. Dan says

    ….. continued, (misclicked)

    pretty standard for hosted pay-per-month shopping cart software?

    From a quick look bigcommerce seems similar enough, but would I be better off here?

    Thanks for your advice in advance.


      • Dan says


        The more research I’m doing, the more I’m leaning towards Bigcommerce. My only issue is that both Volusion and Pinnacle have much better looking sites imo.

        With bigcommerce, how many hours would you imagine it would take for someone with no programming knowledge whatsoever to get a site up and running with say 100 products?


        • Sergey says

          From my experience with BC (about 10 hours) you can get decent looking site in 15 minutes (Taking in account of course that you have a feed of products). If you want to customize it then it will take some effort but not much. I’ve found good expert from Pakistan on Odesk who will do customization for about $200 and it will take him about 10 hours.

        • says

          That’s rather open ended Dan, but it is very simple to upload products and photos, edit pages and get your site running. There is some configuration with shipping and payment gateways but BigCommerce have a solid support line to help you out.

          Leave yourself a week, but it should only take a day or two

          • Dan says

            Yeah, I appreciate it’s a tricky one to answer, but it’s nice to get some kind of idea.

            Can you offer any advice regarding the payment processing options as well? Debit/credit card payment is a must and I’m UK based.

            Thanks again for taking the time to respond, there’s so much disinformation out there it is hard to make sense of it all and you seem to offer pretty reliable advice.

  115. Sergey says

    I’ve decided to go with BC, way too many features I really like. Open source software just don’t reach that level for the price.

  116. Chris says

    I just signed up with Volusion. I took over an eCommerce site that was using x-cart. X-cart is a clear disaster. Customers complained daily about the interface, orders disappeared, and the back-end was missing key features. I have vast experience coding in pretty much everything, and was able to fix some of the x-cart problems, but it’s just worth my time. X-cart seems to be unable to do this themselves (I added a feature over a weekend that they were asked to do 6 months ago).

    I haven’t set up my store in Volusion yet, but there are many things that I do like about them. The biggest is that their databases use replication and make backups every hour (gold plan). I know a lot about this subject and one of their techs sounded like he knew what he was talking about when I asked him details.

    We purchased a high end template that is close to what I want the site to look like. I’m sure I will have no problem customizing it, but I will let you guys know if I have any issues. I’ve watched all of their videos on the latest software and I’m really happy with what I’m seeing so far. I will reply to this post with updates.

  117. Elaine says

    Thanks for all of the comments. I have a question Andrew. I have a new estore and will be retailing about 100 products on the internet. I want to have dropshipping not only here in the US but also to other countries. THe problem is I am trying to figure out which ecommerce to use BigCommerce, Volusion, etc. I have read all of the comments from 2010 and am wondering what you suggest for a beginner like myself. I need all the help I can get. Thanks, Elaine

  118. Dan says

    Having had a good play around with both and only using the free templates, Volusion looks far better, Bigcommerce is the easier to use being simpler and perhaps more intuitive and both offer a wide range of options to customize your site. Both will have some limitations and without a programming background it can be hard to adjust anything beyond the very basic because you need to adjust the code, but with a little research and effort you can fumble your way through it.

    So far the chat support has been very helpful on volusion but I wonder if that perhaps changes once you get past the free trial.

    Andrew, why do you recommend Bigcommerce over Volusion for the beginner? It seems to be the other way round to me.

  119. Mon says

    I used to use ShopFactory, had bought the program outright. And found it an absolute nightmare to change the template. It took me a good 2 years before I was confident with making changes. I do have an I.T degree.
    So after using it a while I needed to give wholesale access to some customers: after I wasn’t able to setup wholesale on it properly I started researching all the ecommerce platforms out there. I must have spent about 3 months doing this.
    Big Commerce…. They say they can do x, y and z, but can only do x or z, etc. I did the trial and found it limited, they get you with the nice templates, but that’s it. I needed a lot of features, that I actually use.
    I had a look at a load of other types, types that you would host yourself. I’m sorry i didn’t go for this option now. I finally went with Volusion.
    With Volusion there was no way in hell I could change the website myself, i.e the template. I know that I complained about ShopFactory, but one way or another I could do it. I have limited html and nothing else really in terms of design. But I can work things out and find my way around things. I make do..
    So I got someone to work on the template, got that sorted, setting up the products, categories, etc, no problem with that.
    Volusion support, I actually find them ok, I can get them 24/7, sometimes I have to wait a few minutes but at least there is someone there to hold my hand while I try and sort something out. They’ve never refused to answer any of my questions, even if it was design related. I also have a number for the UK office, which one of the sales people there is always very helpful.
    Lately….. they have been doing upgrades, on both occasions my gateway settings disappeared. The 1st time I didn’t realize until 3 days into the problem. I have busy periods and slow ones. Thought I was going through a slow period, I was wrong. It seems that all SagePay customers were affected so we couldn’t take cards. Got that sorted. This week they did it again! This time I caught it within an hour of occurring by pure accident. So at this stage my blood is starting to boil. I am getting more and more unsettled about Volusion.
    I must say that my website shot through the rankings after making the change over. However I also have a 2nd website with volusion in the UK, and that one struggled in page 8 or so, however due to the new google algorithm I’ve shot to second place on, not sure how that happened. I am based in Ireland, so I have a .com and a
    This second site is a huge headache because I can’t synch both sites to work off one database, so everything is double the effort.
    The thought of changing over to another provider sickens me, but I need the ability of having multiple sites. That brings me to AmeriCommerce, but I’m finding the backend really confusing. I’m trying to view their videos and playing with the trial. Still not sure what to do. Templates look awful and they don’t have many.
    I just wanted to share my own experience about Volusion, however I don’t think there is THE PERFECT solution out there, they all have their problems. When I used shopfactory, I liked the fact that I was in total control, I didn’t depend on any provider with problems. However these types of ecommerce solutions seem to be disappearing. There was a time where websites were created on Dreamweaver and other applications, this is disappearing as we need more and more features, long gone are the days of websites with a few pages and information only.
    I really don’t know where to turn now as my budget is limited. Stay with Volusion and put up with the websites that won’t synch or move over to something more suitable.
    Here are the features I use and need with volusion:
    Separate private area for wholesalers and distributors,
    Different price levels per product
    Gift Certificates
    Rewards program
    SagePay compatible (my uk payment gateway)
    Shipping by weight only (I don’t use dimensions)
    Custom shipping weights
    Different tax rates
    Support – has to be decent, no point in having a website down and no one to talk to.
    Social networking buttons – pinterest, facebook, g+
    Stock control when needed
    Multiple sites

    I have read all the above comments/thread, I’m hoping someone might point me in the right direction, or is AmeriCommerce as close as I’m going to get to what I’m looking for?

  120. instrumentdude says

    Nice Blog thanks… I have been stagnant in upgrading our stores and found this blog while looking at BC and 3dCart. I am an old Monster Commerce user (over 12 years) which is now nsCommerceSpace. Network Solutions has been very, very slow with adding features; is anyone even with them anymore? I believe their SEO is very lacking as all my competitors natural searches rank higher than mine. I went to their forums the other day to read up on a feature and was shocked, it was a ghost town. Any advice or experiences in switching from nscommerce would be appreciated, I have 2 stores to move and one to yet develop. Thanks!

  121. Michael says


    I am evaluating all of these providers in order to take my wine shop online. However, I can’t find a solution to a truly automated inventory syncing (preferably through a POS system). Specifically, if I sell a bottle of wine in the store during the day, I want my web inventory depleted automatically (without me having to press on any buttons to “sync”). IS there such a solution with BigCommerce or in general? If so, which POS system would allow such integration?

  122. Sergey says

    It has been a month since we officially moved from Shopify to BC, very happy with results. BC is not perfect but nothing is, unless you want to develop shopping cart yourself…. Some SEO features are not what SEO professional would like but there are workarounds. The problem where paypal payments don’t register on back end is annoying but they say they are working on fixing it. Also some weird URLs are showing up in Google Webmaster tools as 404s, not sure what is the nature of those but it seems like BC might be generating them somehow. It is not a major issue though.

  123. Lucy says

    Have you guys looked at shopfactory? You can buy it outright or you can rent it out until its paid off. The reason why i like this is its easy to use and you can make as many sites as you want with alot of features not have to worry about hassles.

    I have been on and off bigcommerce each time they have anoyed me when i wanted to stop getting charged each month to move on they make you call them i am from Australia so i could not call out to them and had to send them 10 emails until i got my refunds after 3 months. HAPPENED EVERY TIME

    Voultion anoy you with constant emails and dont have much good templates seems harder to use.

    Buy i suggest looking into shopfactory

  124. Mon says

    I wouldn’t go near shopfactory. I bought the program out right and they no longer support it, it was the Gold or professional version. It cost me at the time nearly €1000 (euro),they stopped doing updates on it. Their templates are not easy to modify. I am an IT engineer and have done my own websites for years and years, with shopfactory I really struggled to get things to look the way I wanted them to look. Use the trial and check that it does what you need it to do. For example before I left them, there was multi-tier pricing, however it didn’t work properly. I had to create a second website and link it to a button on my site. Login was abismal on it as well. They are linked to Wirecard (I think their called) as merchants. I would call them RIP OFF MERCHANTS!! They keep 5% for 6 months of all the monies you make and release back to you once it matures. Guess what’s happening there? their making money out of your money through the interest. I changed over to Volusion (ok not the best but much better than shopfactory) my merchant fees have gone down so much! I use SagePay now, I get my money within 5 days, with Wirecard I think it was or 4 weeks delay to get paid and I was always wondering back then why I didn’t have money! Sure they were affecting my cash flow. Abismal is the least I can say about the whole lot of them. Tread carefully with shopfactory. When I was on the forums getting info, I had people call me from all over wondering if I had this, that and other problems, and yep, we were all having the same ones. Gosh I could right a book about them and I was with them for a few years. Stay well clear of them! They’re so inept that they haven’t taken me off their newsletter, after going through the un-subscription about 20 times and even emailing them and calling them!!!! Talk about spamming regulations, non existent with these guys!

      • Mon says

        I’ve just re-checked their website and they seem to have changed their game again! When I left, the shopfactory gold I had, was no longer supported or even sold anymore (it’s back on the market now). They had gone volusion style, monthly payments, hosting, etc. One thing about the software and you need to double check before anyone decides to pay for it is this: All those features that they state are available are not available you can only use them when you sign up with Globecharge and pay extra for them to be activate it. I remembered now that globecharge (which as far as I know is Shop Factory under a different name), also charged a quaterly fee just to be able to use globecharge + then wirecard charged you percentage fees and then 5% of your income retained for 6 months and then 3-4 week payments of your sales. A lot their templates are exactly the same ones they had years ago, just new images.

      • Mon says

        Can you not ask for your money back? Knowing them they probably won’t. I once opened up a ticket which I had to pay 10 euro for it and then I resolved the problem with the help of the forum, I asked for my money back and they wouldn’t give it back. 2 days had passed and they hadn’t replied so it’s not like I solved it within minutes of opening the ticket.

  125. Dean says

    I tried Volusion and got ripped off by them. Their support was non existent as they kept pushing me to a different office for support that then never happened. I cancelled my account and then Volusion reactivated it without informing me so that my credit card started to get debited again. I am so unhappy with the lack of ethics at Volusion that I am starting a website at so that people can register and post their comments about Volusion ripping them off and not delivering as promised on their website. If Volusion had refunded my money then I would have accepted they had support limitations but all they did was continue to seek to justify why they should keep my money.

  126. tom says

    Man! I feel like you read my mind. I am reversing my credit card against them. They are SO desperate for money it is ridiculous! I canceled also and they kept hitting my CC and when i said so they said “well we were still delivering the service”… meanwhile the domain was expired so not one hit was ever had on the site, not one processing moment. WHAT A JOKE THEY ARE. Big Commerce is hands down the way to go and Volusion is a thing of the past – bad service, greedy, poor morals… besides the $250 lost, which I could care less about, if they just refunded since my cancellation I would be ok, but I really want them to go out of business now. CROOOKS! bad karma man, bad karma!!!!!

  127. Dave says

    First let me say I am a total newb when it comes to any kind of programming I have -0% experience with this stuff. With that been said I have been stumbling around with the trial version of Volusion, BC, Magento Go, Shopify and CC. CC crash on me the the second day, trying to find out whats going on but still have not been fixed.
    I like volusion but seeing all these negative comments give pause about them. All the platforms seems pretty easy to add products. Modifying the template is another stumbling block I try to stumble my way through.

    I think the take away from this blog is that there is no way 15 day trial can give you enough time to evaluate the service (Magento Go is 30 days) to make an informed choice. At the moment my 15 day trial is up on all but MGo which for my needs is looking better.

    They all talk a good game to get you to sign up once you are in the after support is none existence. So I say pick your poison.

    • Dean says

      Volusion support really annoyed me with their tricks that cheat money out of you and then do not give support in return. After over two weeks of trying to get Volusion support reply I finally got Volusion support to look in to it and they said it was ok that they adjusted my account that caused more cost because I should have investigated what they did and then I would have found out the extra cost they caused ! So this is what I have done in return and I told them I would do this unless they gave my money back. Volusion did not care.

  128. casey says

    I have decided not to go with Volusion for a client after reading this and will try BC.

    Came across Moonfruit – anyone has any experience with them?

  129. Meiner says

    Thank you for a great comparison it helped me a lot =)
    I tried both carts at their free trial mode. And I think BigCommerce is little bit better because of simple and nice admin area and great SEO.
    I also was discouraged with all negative feedback from Volusion users about support. So after free trial I decided to stay with BigCommerce.

  130. Dare says

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for this site. I am currently researching a software for my eCommerce site and have narrowed down Volusion and BigCommerce. My idea is similar to what’s you find at and I would like to do it myself as much as possible but with little or no customization. Is this doable with Volusion or BigCommerce and which platform would give me the most value straight out of the box?

  131. ramakrishna says

    i want additional fields of product name, sku, quantity of tracking code about Already gave some details of order id and total price but i need tracking code placeholders of product name, sku, quantity.


  132. Vladimir says

    Hi Andrew,

    We’ve been having a few issues with Volusion. One that is quite surprising is that the Volusion system allows for the creation of duplicate accounts via an anonymous account, so that we can have 10 accounts all with the same email address. Another issue is that it doesn’t distinguish between a logged in user and one who is not. For example if a client logs in and this is saved in the cache and does not log out, the next time they visit the site there is nothing to advise them whether they are logged in or not. Do you know of any solutions for these issues? Thanks!

  133. James says

    Hi Andrew,

    I have just started (gone live) with my bigcommerce store.
    Their customer service and live chat (i am in Australia) has been 5/5 stars. I wanted to mention that here, as i am very happy with them and found they were answering questions even before i signed up. That was a great sign of customer service to me!


    • says

      Thanks for sharing James. Always good to see other people not having issues with tech support. Good luck with the new store and happy new year

  134. Karen says

    Thank you, Andrew, I have enjoyed reading your site. In fact, have added your site to my favorites so I may return again for further research before making my decisions.
    This is my overview:
    1. Make a list of the pros and cons (or what I consider important to me & my business) for each of the above E-commerce businesses here.

  135. James Cooper says

    Forget about these garbage applications. Download OpenCart. It’s free, and add-ons are both free and very, very reasonably priced. You get to keep the software. No monthly charges for the software, and the features are incredible.

    Don’t EVER use templates on ecommerce websites, as customers will avoid them like the plague. A waste of time and a waste of energy. A website has to look professional or no one will trust it with their money.

  136. James Cooper says

    Attempting to sell from a template-driven ecommerce website is like selling from a pushcart. These companies are trying to capitalize on the lousy economy by offering desperate people the illusion that they can succeed in ecommerce with garbage “solutions.”

    ANYTHING that indicates to a potential customer that the website isn’t professional, sets off an alarm: “Maybe it’s some fraudster operating out of a garage!”

    Save your mony. Download OpenCart.

  137. Jon says

    I have a few clients who have utilized our OpenSync QuickBooks sync tool to serve as a ecommerce backend that directly integrates with QuickBooks. Requires some programming obviously but the sync engine handles most of the heavy lifting.

    Intuit’s own “Intuit Anywhere” interface is worth taking a peek at as well.

  138. J says

    I read all of the comments on this page, and I’m slightly confused with the dropshipping element of both Volusion and BC. Based on these comments, Volusion offers dropshopping integration, but BC does not. I looked into BC, and their Ordoro software says they can. Can you please explain the difference between these elements?

    • says

      Bigcommerce offers several options for drop shipping, Ordoro is one of the best. Volusion has built in drop ship support (no need for external services – they are better than the built in stuff with Volusion though so worth looking into)

      • J says

        Thanks, Andrew. I was ready to go with BigCommerce until I realized that their Ordoro service costs an extra $40/month or so for the first year and then $99/mo after the first year. I’m on a tight budget, and thus, I wasn’t looking to pay extra for a service that Volusion includes for free. So, I’m still debating on which one to choose. I might just go for Volusion as a tie breaker.

        • says

          Volusion will get you off the ground the cheapest – you can always transfer to Bigcommerce when you out grow the inbuilt options at Volusion and you have better cash flow through the store

  139. says

    It will never hurt you to add quality descriptions, just because Google doesn’t want them doesn’t mean the rest of the internet doesn’t

  140. Peter BandwidthDiet says

    Unlimited Bandwidth, as it is marketed, may not mean unlimited in some cases. In the fine print or TOS, the term “unlimited” can be defined as anything under 2-5GBs. This is an effective way for hosts to catch customers and people will still incur overages. BigCommerce and Volusion don’t mislead in this way. Volusion is a choice that some people prefer because they offer some features and templates that BigCommerce does not, but are turned away by the bandwidth fees. It’s possible not to worry overages altogether using offloading as a bandwidth savings method. We have hundreds of clients we save money and bandwidth for using special methods so that store owners don’t worry about this part of the business and can concentrate on selling their products. Also check out Amazon’s S3 or Cloudfront service.

  141. Rob says

    I am switching from Volusion to BC this month. Volusion, although it has good support ( Always received helpful replies), is just problem after problem. Had trouble integrating PayPal, trouble with my shopping cart, bought domain names that already belonged to someone else. They did refund me and let me choose another name. But, they kept my unusable name registered for a month before I realized (my fault) that a lot of my site wasn’t even working the way it should because it was sited under a different domain name. Had problems with non-existing header tags, h1 tags, too many title tags, including built in tags that I could do nothing about. Easy set up and product download, but what a mess trying to work through tags and programming problems that should have been done by them. I ended up questioning these and having to do the fixes for myself. If you have a Volusion store, run a test on Bing analytics and you’ll see what I mean. Fix these and you’ll be way ahead. I waited too long to check this out as it was my first e-commerce store (my fault), and too long to make a switch. Bye. Bye. Volusion….

    • Corne says

      HI – I also switched from Volusion to Shopify – best decision I have ever made.
      My shopping cart and payment gateway was causing me so much stress.
      So happy I changed.

  142. jacob says

    If you have employees watch out. Volusion does not limit access for refunds. If they can process a transaction via credit card, they can refund it. A disgruntled employee could refund thousands and thousands of dollars to random customers for Months after the sale has taken place. Too much liability if you are not doing it all yourself. They should include permissions to charge and refund cards separately so some rogue employee does not create a mess refunding people at random.

  143. Lynda says

    I used Volusion and the company did nothing but nickel and dime me. I purchased a template for $150 and it never loaded properly. They wanted to charge me another $100 to fix the template THEY created.
    When I canceled the account, I told them I wanted EVERYTHING – ssl, gateway, everything – canceled. I was told everything was good.
    Next month I get hit with a $63.00 gateway fee. I complained, then was told in order to cancel, I would be charged a $99 termination fee.
    I am a small business and these extra fees really hurt me financially – and they were so cavalier about all of it.
    Stay away from Volusion.

  144. says

    I agree with most of the comments above when using the templates that Volusion offers. I used a local company here in Courtenay, BC for our online store to build our own website. However we are using Volusion and a company called Beanstream for our shopping transactions. To tell you truly, we have increased our sells many times over since switching to Volusion 3 years ago. Now I’m looking at different marketing strategy to get our company into the next step to hopefully 100% online retail from 75% currently wholesale. Any advised would be appreciated. We’ve been in business since 1999.

  145. Corne says

    And so much stress – Switched to Shopify and I was up and running in less than a week.
    I am based in Hong Kong and Volusion (even thought they say they do – liars) have no payment gateway options for this part of the world.
    And PayPal was a mess, because is different from
    The sheer fustration of not getting help from them was numbing.

  146. Ory Zaidenvorm says

    Looks like this review is outdates (for example BigCommerce do charge a transaction fee on their lower plan) and very slanted towards BigCommerce. It may be that BigCommerce is the better service, but not by the wide margin you present in my (very humble) opinion.

    • Ory Zaidenvorm says

      It may be worth highlighting the places Volusion have stronger suits to give a more balanced review!


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