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My Bigcommerce review has been continuously updated since 2009 making it the most established and most trusted independent Bigcommerce Review available. Scroll throug the comments when you are finished for some amazing real customer feedback and responses. Online shopping is now very common. Because of the increasing number of online…

Best shopping cart for small to medium businesses

Templates and Design - 86%
SEO - 79%
Products and Inventory - 76%
Marketing Tools and Integrations - 89%
Ease of Use - 86%
Technical Support - 90%



Bigcommerce comes with most every tool and feature you need to launch a new online store including low cost and free premium templates. Solid SEO, affordable well scaled plans and impressive marketing tools and integrations make Bigcommerce the default choice by the majority of eCommerce experts in 2015

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My Bigcommerce review has been continuously updated since 2009 making it the most established and most trusted independent Bigcommerce Review available. Scroll throug the comments when you are finished for some amazing real customer feedback and responses.

Online shopping is now very common. Because of the increasing number of online stores on the web today, shopping carts are also gaining much popularity. Conventional businesses are too costly and so many business persons are now putting their investments in online stores. The risks involved are also minimal and as long as there is an internet connection, people can now shop conveniently. The shopping cart by Bigcommerce is now recognized as one of the easiest eCommerce software. Today, it serves more than 10,000 stores in the World Wide Web.

So why do a lot of online businesses go for the Bigcommerce shopping cart?

Customization is quite easy. The designers of the eCommerce software have complete access to CSS (through FTP As of July 2012 you have to use the Web DAV method or the built in HTML/CSS editor outsourcing to manage your files. Don’t panic Web DAV is even easier than FTP for normal people – I will break it down in a new post shortly), HTML, QuickEdit, and other tools. To customize the layout of your own store, you can simply pick among the fifty store designs or you can also use the Drag and Drop Design Mode.

Some store owners find it hard to learn how to use the shopping carts but with BigCommerce, there is no learning curve. With the aid of this eCommerce software, you can easily sell products on the web. If you have no idea how to use the software, you can use the ‘Getting Started Wizard’ and after that, you can now operate your online store together with the shopping cart. With a bit of research, you can find step-by-step videos that you can use just in case you’re stuck or you encounter problems.

Just imagine how you can easily outrank all your competitors online!

The eCommerce also has built-in intelligence reports that store owners can use. If you need help, Bigcommerce can help you in making better business decisions. You get to work less and yet you’re earning more money.

Bigcommerce will not penalize stores that tend to sell more. You can sell as many products as you like and the software will not get in the way. There are no transaction fees involved and most of all, there are no hidden costs.

The top priority of Bigcommerce is the security of online stores as well as the up-time of the shopping carts. Because of this, the software boasts of 99.99% up-time average track record. You can be sure that your store is protected with the same encryption and military-grade security like the large and prominent banks.

This eCommerce software has many features. For the design, the layout customization was already mentioned earlier and aside from that, you can also choose among the many templates, edit CSS and HTML from your browser, upload business logo, edit the email templates, etc.

The features are divided into the design features, SEO features, tax features, in-store features, marketing, support, hosting and security, payment and shipping, content management, search features, order and checkout, product and inventory, import or export, customer, and the reporting features.

Bigcommerce is also far better than that of the Yahoo shopping cart and Volusion shopping cart. In terms of monthly price, Bigcommerce offers the lowest monthly price of only $24.95 as compared to $39.95 of Yahoo and $29.95 of Volusion. A fifteen day free trial is also available with this new eCommerce software as compared to that of the 14-day trial by Volusion (and Yahoo doesn’t even offer a free trial!). The Drag and Drop Design Mode for easy customization is unique to Bigcommerce, as well as the W3C Complaint Templates, online HTML/CSS editor, and the optimization by SEO gurus. The software offers 46 templates whereas Yahoo offers only 1 and Volusion, 20. This year, Bigcommerce is recognized as one of the best shopping carts known today.

By visiting, you will be guided accordingly on how to open your very own online store. You can start by determining what you want to sell on the web. If you have a business in your area, then you can make it visible on the net. After choosing the products that you’re going to sell, you will now determine how to ship orders. Will you focus internationally or just locally? Know your shipping methods and jot it down.

Creating your own Bigcommerce store is free and you can do this by filling out the form. You will simply provide your full name, organization, email address, phone number, and shop address. After providing the required fields, click on the ‘create my store’ button.

Once you’ve completed the sign up, you will need to decide how you will accept online payments. Bigcommerce already has built in payment gateways and you’re free to use them. Picking a domain name is another vital decision and just make it short. You can use the default or you can pick your own domain name.

Various store designs are offered by Bigcommerce and you can personalize your stores layout. With so many designs to choose from, it’ll be easier to pick one that suits your business and requirements.

Use the import wizard Big Commerce to import existing products, categories, photos, and variations. It’s also easy to add products with the use of the simple wizard and it already comes with descriptions, photos, etc.

Once you’ve completed all these steps, you can now launch your online store and start with the promotions. Add the URL in the marketing materials, invoices, and business cards so that you can effectively promote your new online store. Just in case you need help from the experts of Bigcommerce, check out the contact details of the company found at the pages top portion.

Having a thorough business plan before opening an online business is necessary to ensure success. The eCommerce software of Bigcommerce is the perfect solution for your shopping cart needs. Having an automated and efficient payment gateway will make the shopping experience worthwhile for most customers.

If you’re still looking for a shopping cart, it’s time to go for Bigcommerce eCommerce software. This is a name you can trust.

Bigcommerce Pricing (updated Jan 2015)

Bigcommerce offers three plans plus enterprise solutions. If you pay for a year at a time you get a 10% discount.

The Silver Plan – $29.95/month


  • 1.5% transaction fee depending on the payment gateway you choose
  • 3 Gb Storage
  • No Abandoned Cart Saver
  • No Loyalty Programs and customer segmentation
  • No eBay or Google Merchant integration

The Gold Plan – $79.95/month

This is the plan most people start with – you can always upgrade or downgrade later if you find you do not need everything included. Includes Unlimited storage and bandwidth, abandoned cart saver, customer loyalty groups and integration with eBay, Amazon and Google Merchant center.

The Platinum Plan – $199.95/month

This plan is the best if you are moving from another shopping cart to Bigcommerce because it includes data migration and expert setup & migration (which you would pay more than $600 for on the Gold or Silver plans). The Platinum Plan is also the only plan that allows for Google Trusted Store Datafeed Automation necessary to maintain Google Trusted Store certification.

Notable Stores Using Bigcommerce in 2015

Collette Dinnigan – International Fashion House –

Mason Jars – Full site built using Bigcommerce including blog and static pages –

Hoka One One – Leading long distance running shoe brand –

Fugoo – Not the poison fish. Simple marketing site built with Bigcommerce –

Bigcommerce 2015

Bigcommerce Next is the 2014 update to Bigcommerce but apart from a new name there is quite a lot of back-end functionality that is being upgraded or simplified. Existing customers have probably stumbled across many of these features in the last few weeks as they were incrementally dripped into the Bigcommerce stores. What is Bigcommerce Next? Simply an effort by Bigcommerce to simplify the Bigcommerce platform while making it more visually appealing and powerful. Sounds like a good goal from an ecommerce provider and the first set of features and simplifications is a fantastic start.

New Features in Bigcommerce Next:

  • App Store. Simple installation of extra functions for your store like rewards systems, shipping and social incentives for shoppers
  • Premium Themes – extra fancy, full featured usually responsive themes you can pay for over and above the free themes already provided.
  • A new blogging engine to replace the old news feature.
  • iPhone and android apps for managing your store on the run
  • Stripe and Simply Commerce payments
  • Google Trusted stores integration
  • Traffic Engine – a wizard offering step by step task lists to help you get more visitors to your shop
  • Shipping Label Printing – finally – well almost, it is still in beta but one email and you could help shape it

Bigcommerce Premium Themes

These are good. Very good. Responsive design, well coded, clean, fast and less than $200 which is about a tenth of what you will pay for a custom theme design. I have a few customers already who have bought premium themes to speed up new shop development and everyone of them has been impressed.

bigcommerce theme store premium-themes
bigcommerce theme store premium-themes


Bigcommerce App Store

The “Single Click Store” that is actually two clicks. It’s a great base. Shopify have had this for years and use it to great effect to keep the core store simple and letting customers add functionality and complexity only if and when they want it. It also helps store owners manage costs in the early days before adding more as the shop develops and generates a return. As expected there is very little in here but look at that to change once developers start porting apps over from other carts like Shopify.

Bigcommerce AppStore
Bigcommerce AppStore

Bigcommerce Blogging Engine

I actually have a whole post dropping tomorrow on which blogging option to use for Bigcommerce – WordPress, the old Bigcommerce News and Updates or the new Bigcommerce Next Blogging Engine so I won’t go into too much detail except to say its a good start but seems very incomplete especially from a post management point of view. You can’t edit a post date once it’s published which is a HUGE pain when you are bringing a new customer over from another platform and have to bulk load lots of posts. It also means you can’t keep your posts fresh. The templates for the blog do not let you add meta data to the archive page like date published and author.

So what’s good?

  • You can add feature images
  • The content editor allows you to insert tables easily (take that wordpress)
  • You can very simply insert products with links and images to make blog readers buyers.
  • Tag support,
  • Custom URL’s for posts and the blog itself (you are not forced to use /blog/),
  • Disqus comment integration with one toggle,
  • Social media sharing options.

It isn’t a WordPress killer yet but for a good number of Bigcommerce customers they maybe able to soon dispense with the second hosting bill and move their blog onto there store. This will change bandwidth charges and Bigcommerce need to create a WordPress blog importer – maybe I should write that I have nothing but free time 😉 – if you see the blue banner asking you to switch you probably should but consult your SEO first because you may have to do some URL redirects to keep the Google juice alive – I have not yet heard back from Bigcommerce about what happens here. Look for tomorrow’s post with that answer.

bigcommerce blogging engine
bigcommerce blogging engine

Bigcommerce Google Trusted Stores Integrated

Lifted right from the press release because this is a no brainer. If you qualify you should get it, to get it you should follow the steps required. Admit it you love the way I simplify things don’t you?

— Start Bigcommerce quote —

Google Trusted Stores is a certification program for online merchants. Similar to programs like the Better Business Bureau, it increases buyer confidence for online merchants. Google wants to ensure that all GTS stores are of a certain size and meet excellent customer service standards. To that end, they have performance requirements to apply to the program, plus some additional store-side requirements that need to be met before the badge goes live.

Performance Requirements:

  • Minimum Order Volume: 200 orders/month on a rolling 28-day basis
  • Trackable Orders: >50% of orders trackable via supported carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS)
  • On-Time Shipping: >90% of orders shipped on time

Additional Requirements:

  • Be on your own domain and SSL certificate
  • Supply a shipping feed to measure performance
  • Supply a cancellation feed to measure performance
  • Insert Google’s badge code on every page
  • Insert Google’s checkout confirmation code on the order confirmation page

The Bigcommerce Google Trusted Stores integration makes it easier for clients to qualify for the program if they meet the above criteria by building in the required feeds and inserting the badge code on every page of the store.

— End Bigcommerce quote —


Bigcommerce Next – Conclusion

I will be circling back to this post so make sure you bookmark it. The long and the short of this 2014 Bigcommerce version is that it is still moving the software in the right direction. There is still the same differentiation between Shopify and Bigcommerce and I will update all the reviews and tools (especially the Shopify 2 review) because there are a lot of people asking should they choose Bigcommerce or Shopify and to be honest it is usually obvious. Both products are poles apart in implementation and usage and the two of them really do stand head and shoulders above any other ecommerce platform on the market. Look for some shopping cart reviews and shopping cart comparisons to be updated throughout the week.

YouTube Preview Image

Do you want a take away line to retweet?

Bigcommerce Next is a great progression of today’s leading shopping cart platform. Simpler interfaces, more powerful marketing tools and third party apps and themes will provide the platform customers need to build profitable online stores.

More to come, come back tomorrow to find out where Bigcommerce Next missed the mark

Andrew Bleakley Shopping Cart Reviews

Decided on Bigcommerce – check out my post on selecting the best Bigcommerce plan to sign up for


    • Jorian says

      We have been on BC for over 3 months now, having migrated our site from Volusion. This was a decision that I made based on rave reviews, including Andrew’s. Now, it is looking like mistake, for the following reasons:
      1) There is no provision for allowing backorders. One can take orders for a product not in stock, but that option displays a “not currently available” message. If you are out of a product with more inbound, the BC system does not allow customers to order that product.
      2) There is no “balance due” function. If a customer wants to add to an order prior to shipment, they cannot do so. They have to place a new order for the added item (and get charged another shipping charge in our store, as we use flat-rate shipping per order) If there is a surcharge, for example international shipping charges, there is no way for the customer to pay for it. The only work-around we have found for the international customer dilemma is to have a custom script written ($600) to remove every payment option except PayPal for international orders. That way we can send them a PayPal invoice for the additional charge.
      3) The internal search engine SUCKS. We have only about 750 products, and even after 3 months, I have a hard time finding them. Example: The CAT Tourniquet is one of our highest demand products. Type “CAT tourniquet” into the search bar and the item shows up on page two, behind a ton of other products. Its unique sku number is 20-0080 – typing “20-0080” into the search bar (if you happen to know our sku for that item) does show it on page one – along with several other unrelated items. Custom developers are unable to fix this for us – and BC has been “studying the matter” ever since we launched the site. How hard can it be to offer an option to restrict search to product title and sku#?
      4) It is really difficult to set things like display order of products – their “bulk edit” page only lets you modify Product Name * Price * Categories Brand Visible Featured Free Shipping
      Any other function, you need to export the products to excel, modify the spreadsheet and re-upload it. Volusion had a page on the site that could be customized to show – and modify – any field in the entire product setup.

      On the up-side, I am getting much more proficient in excel. And their customer service is good. And of course, the site looks better than Volusion. If only people could shop it…

      • says

        Hi Jorian
        You are absolutely right. Not only their Admin Panel Search function sucks, but also the search on main website front. They have even stopped the Platinum pricing, and trying to stick $499 plan to anybody who asks them for advance features that other platforms provide for free. I hate been subjected to predatory pricing and awful support that is armoured to say “no” to whatever comes their way.

  1. Bigcommerce Sucks says

    It would make sense that they pay alot in affiliate fees because it seems that they are more concerned with getting new customers than helping their paying customers. I tried to open a store with them 6 months ago and found it incredibly hard to use and their support is a joke. They do everything possible to not take a support phone call. Not only that but they delete threads in their forum that are unflattering. A good example of this is the PCI thread. they kept saying they were going to become compliant, and then when they sent their form off to Visa for approval, they deleted the thread and said that they comply. I have asked why they are not on the Visa list and if they will show me the Visa letter, and they will not respond. In my opinion they are very young and inexpereinced at best and only care about the next wave of suckers that they can get to buy their product. There are alot better options out there. Look at the companies that have a track record IMHO.

  2. Gregory Menchov says

    Just to answer simo90 – BigCommerce product is good (functionality), but quite buggy. Company is growing way too fast and has much less interest in resolving issues with existing clients vs. signing up new ones.
    It seems like their strategy – it is better to sign up 200 new clients and lose 100 existing ones vs. spending all time solving issues with that 100 and never sign up any new ones.
    We tried hard to like BC, we actually spent over 6 months patiently waiting (and wasting $3,000+ on custom development).
    After 6 months (and me speaking to 3 of their executives, who ensured me, that their ultimate goal is to resolve our BC problems), while admitting bugs, they did not move a finger to fix those. At our last conversation they told me it would take time and it will possibly be there in the next release, which they estimated to be 2-3 months away.
    We ran out of patience at that time. BTW, do not expect their tech support to resolve anything – first level is only to answer phones (they do not know ANYTHING), and they refuse to transfer you to anybody else, offering to enter a ticket for you.
    What to try? Good luck!

  3. says

    i have only used shopify and bigcommerce , bigcommerce have better templates but once installed are not very customisable compared to shopify due to their limited logic/functions.

    AudioShop Australia

    You may need to strip away alot of BC’s javascript as this weighs the site down considerably. BC and Shopify customer service are on par. Price wise Bigcommerce are much , much cheaper due to their flat rate $70/month with no % given for each transaction.

    Bigcommerce’s backend probably runs faster because more things are hardcoded.

    Shopify’s APP stores is much better than Bigcommerce’s. BC app store doesn’t appear to have a search so you can’t find apps very easily and most cost money , Shopify’s apps are largely free.

    Spend $120 on a Bigcommerce template and style it in customs.css , or ditto for Shopify. They are equal with their own pros and cons but both work well.

  4. Jordan Foutz says

    Strongly considering becoming a reseller for this software. All the folks I talk to rave about BigCommerce. Probably going to use this myself here soon.

    • says

      Sign up for the trial here – it is only short but it will give you a chance to try it out – I love it, it is the easiest shopping cart to leave clients alone with

  5. Celeste says

    You have some great advice in your articles re shopping carts! Wish I could figure how much bandwidth I will need to compare bigcommerce, corecommerce with shopify. Maybe the 2% or 1% of sales would be made up for by the unlimited bandwidth? Never having been in ecommerce before I don’t know how much bw I’ll end up using, but I would like to NOT have to resize all the photos! I run a b&m place in Truth or Consequences, NM right now & want to expand into internet sales. Thanks for all your articles!

    • says

      Thank you for dropping by Celeste.

      My general rule for bandwidth is if you don’t know how much you need then you don’t need to factor it into your decision. The plans are quite generous both BigCommerce and CoreCommerce allow 2gb a month on the entry level plans and by the time you need more than that your shop will be sufficient enough that the upgrade will not hurt the bank.

      As for Shopify a more useful comparitor would be that Shopify will take a per transaction fee for everything you sell online while CoreCommerce and Big Commerce will not.

      If you had to pick a cart now CoreCommerce would be the go because they have waived there setup fees at the moment so you could be up and running today for under $25

  6. Allison says

    First, great post.

    Second, I have a static site and I really just want to use Big Commerce as a shopping cart/payment portal on one “store” page of my 10 page site. What do you think is the easiest way to go about this?


    • says

      You could setup BigCommerce as and embed the product forms on your static product page. Once you setup the products and BigCommerce a developer could very quickly show you how to copy the buy now forms into your static pages

  7. Andrea says

    Hey Andrew! I have been evaluating the different shopping carts available for the past month or so…there are so many options and right now I’m between BigCommerce and 3Dcart. Have you or anyone here had any experience with 3D? I found it to be very similar in most respects to BC. They have livechat support which is a huge plus to me; I hate having to call or do a ticket. I opened a support ticket with BC yesterday, just asking when their new templates and 6.0 would be available since they have been saying it would be June, and no reply yet. With 3d, however if you want to do a trial they advertise “full html/css access”. Well, that’s not exactly true-you have access to some of it, but you are limited on customizing and adding images until you purchase a plan. Still gives you a good overview of the product, but disappointing that I couldn’t try out editing via FTP.
    Aside from that, I was really suprised to see how many stores are using Yahoo Small Business! Stores in the top 500 of online sales use Yahoo and I’m not sure what the appeal is, given the transaction fees/limited features etc. There is a very cool site i found (no, I have nothing to do with it whatsoever) called It lets you look up any site and find out what shopping cart they are using as well as scripts/widgets/seo/etc/etc/etc. Very interesting stuff!
    In the meantime, if you have any thoughts on 3dcart I’d love to hear them. Cheers!

  8. John S says

    We just got 3 of our clients on BigCommerce and one to buy the Interspire software. Overall the systems are great but if you are going to do any freight products/sales I would recommend using the interspire version – you can get developed a freight/carrier plugin to ship those heavy packages.

  9. Jeremy Lee says

    May I know how much money bigcommerce is paying you to write this stuff. I understand they pay quote a chunk than their competitors both in their affiliate program and sponsored reviews.

    • says

      Sure jeremy, bigcommerce have never paid me for a post or review on this or any other website (in fact i dont know of anyone that has been paid anything but affiliate fees from them)

      there affiliate program is one of the most profitable yes but more because of the number of people that sign up than because of the % they pay – several of the carts pay a lot higher that BigCommerce

  10. i hate bigcommerce says

    I cannot believe that wasted so much time with this company. They try to make their demo look really easy to use, but in reality it is a pain to get your store ready to actually sell online. their support was also very limited and not helpful as well. the only thing that made it seem easy to use once you got in was the limited feature set. i dont see how any of their custoemrs are able to sell anything. i would bet that most of their customers go belly up within 3 months on the bigcommerce platform.

    god riddance to these guys. i’m going to Volusion

  11. Flag Frenzy says

    Buyer beware, this ‘review’ reads like an advertisement written by BigCommerce staff.

    Their HTML editor is absolutely atrocious. It will take you at least 10 times as long to edit a product as it should.

    Do not under any circumstances use Big Commerce, in my opinion. I use them now and regret it daily.

    I have 300 products added, and sales of almost $3000 in August 2011. Even though I feel like I am ‘stuck’ with them, I still may start over from scratch.

    I think Mitch is very slick putting lipstick on a pig, and fooling noobs into thinking he has a good piece of software. I was such a fool. I thought that BigCommerces’ great SEO (for THEIR SITE) would equal a good product.

    But it all starts with product descriptions. If I can’t even edit a product using their HTML editor, why bother with the rest of the features?

    You can’t even save your HTML code with line breaks or tabs so that you can easily change it later. It’s just one blob of code with no breaks.

    Absolutely terrible, Mitchell Harper should be ashamed of himself.

    At the very least, they should delete the HTML ‘editor’ and tell users that they will need to use Notepad++ or Visual Studio or some other outside tool to write product descriptions.

  12. Osprey says

    Ok I’m on Big Commerces Diamond Plan and still currently in development mode. We’re about 98% complete and almost ready for production.

    I can honestly say that Big Commerce has done it right here. I’ve worked with platforms since 2003, the last platform was a painful one with Magento…

    If you need to migrate over from another platform than no worries Big Commerce has you covered. Their import/export CSV tool is flawless and will import/export as many products as you can (Diamond Plan).

    Making edits, setting up shipping, payment processing, 301 redirects and more is such a breeze.

    No matter which way you look Big Commerce provides a solid foundation for your site and has you covered from all angles.

    Oops I forgot one more thing. Their support is by far the best out there. You need to talk someone on the phone, email or live chat it’s all there at your finger tips.

    I just read my posting and it may sound like an advertisement for the Big C but its not. I just recently started working with Big Commerce’s platform 2 months ago and its been a great experience so far.

    I hope this helps and covers off any questions or concerns people may have about Big Commerce.

  13. John says

    Hi Andrew,
    i’m selling hardware and car parts and i was very excited about BigCommerce releasing the eBay version 6 how ever after investigating a little more i found many holes and lost trust with BigCommerce:
    1. their eBay integration not available to eBay motor
    2. you cant process orders from BigCommerce backend
    3. you cant reply to messages through BigCommerce backend
    4. their stating they have API integration in the website which is a BigLie.
    5. they stating you don’t have to manage orders and listings on both eBay andBigCommerce and it’s a BigLie too. so bottom line i’m finding so many holes and lies and i’ve barely looked into their entire tools they stating they available and function and theres a big question mark about their intention sound like they interesting more selling then actually give anything back. in my opinion you give them too much credit and you didn’t drill in the product. i think you should do a little homework since people care about your opinion here .


  14. GroomU says

    Hi Andrew,

    We are on the verge of deciding to go with BigCommerce but realised they dont have a rewards scheme feature? Is there any other webbased software that can be intergrated into BigCommerce for this?

    Many thanks

    • says

      Not that I have found. There is a lot of support for a reward program to be included with Big Commerce and they even recommend you use one with your online store so I expect we should see it in the next couple of releases

  15. dave says

    You ought to check Aaron Wall’s blog – he now disavows ever being involved with BC other than a 5 minute call about 5 years ago – long before the current system was for sale. Basically he calls them out on this and says he has asked them twice to stop using his name.

  16. Gregory Menchov says

    Problem is that they are probably consider themselves Gods.
    They do not have usable support. They do not resolve issues.
    We are switching to them and have integration problem (the one they advertise as fully functional), have critical ticket opened 3 weeks ago with absolutely no reply. Tech support people do not offer any help and they refuse to forward call to their supervisors. It’s a joke! We would not even try to make it work, if only we did not invest into website design specifically tied to BC!

  17. Mark Hayes says

    Aaron Wall DID NOT have anything to do with BigCommerce’s SEO. He wrote on his blog:

    “Over 5 years ago I had a quick chat with the folks from Interspire about their websites, including their shopping cart at the time (BigCommerce) & offered a few tips to fix some of the obvious issues I saw. This was over a half-decade ago & under a different product name & entirely informal.

    Anyhow…as they later ramped up on marketing, they at some point claimed that I somehow “certified” their software, even as the version changed, their product name changed, their mode of sales changed (from primarily pushing a downloadable software product to an SAAS model), many SEO fundamentals changed over the years, and so on. “

  18. simo90 says

    I have found your other pages very helpful, but this one is very confusing. Andrew gave high marks to BigCommerce, but many of those who actually use it hate it…say it’s terrible…say the company is terrible. So has Andrew not looked at the product close enough or do we have several end users with a chip on their shoulder?

    • says

      I have worked with BigCommerce daily for several years now but am always happy to let others share there experiences because it provides more insight and better balance.

      The only downside is that most people here are either new to ecommerce and assessing platforms for the first time or unhappy with there current provider and looking for alternatives. Either way there are few people that seek out the site just to tel you how good a product is

      • Greg says

        Not true about newbies or people finding place to trash company.
        If you “have worked with BigCommerce daily for several years” you should \know that their support sucks, first level is absolutely clueless and they refuse to transfer you to any other. I have at leat 10 years of ecommerce experience and I dealt with many carts. Most of them do not reasonable support, but this bad? Rarely!
        I tried to use BC and spent 6 month trying to like it and make it work, spoke to at least 5 of their support people and at least 2 executives (CMO and Sales) and guess what – had to go with other cart at the end. Despite numerous promises to make things work (their advertised integrations were not working at all), numerous hours spent talking to them, they did not fix it! They actually totally ignored the issue!
        They are great in marketing of their own product, and the cart works (if you are lucky not to need parts which do not work), it has very nice features, but if you need support or need them to fix something – just forget about it – don’t waste your time. They won’t help!

  19. Roger says

    Hi Andrew,

    I have a few concerns. I am new to ecommerce and betwixt two. As for me, it now boils down to choosing between BigCommerce and CoreCommerce because of their features-set. Any thoughts on who is more competitive on more fronts?

    I am going to be selling Bed & Bath products firstly locally (I’m not from the US), then step by step I’d want to go on the international front. However, I am concerned about the bandwidth and storage space issue. How much do you think the average e-tailer needs w/o violating his/her quota?

    I want to have a somewhat-professional looking site that appeals to the kind of market that would pay money for somewhat expensive home accent-furnishings… this means probably a high resolution slideshow on the homepage.. and the zoom photo feature on actual product images. Will this kind of approach suck up my bandwidth? I am a startup with very little finance at my disposal, so economy is the name of the game for me right now-as per the pricing plans offered.

    Does the facebook storefront feature also affect the bandwidth usage?

    • Louise says

      Hi Roger,
      I am in the same position as you were in June. Did you have any luck? Who did you go with in the end and what would you recommend?

      • Roger says

        Hi Louise,

        I’m glad I can be of any help to you. I hope it is meaningful in the end though. I eventually didn’t go with any, not because of any major issue with both but for personal reasons. If I have to choose now though, I’d go with BigCommerce… simply because of their more-diverse features set, and wider community et al.

        If you are a startup like me, you’d prolly not be using much bandwidth nor storage space as was my concern at the beginning. So, it may be good to use the Bronze or Silver plans. I doubt that you’ll ever use up your quota/mo. as a startup… but as your business grows, you can always upgrade. You can even choose the yearly pricing option in the future if you are satisfied enough for a longer term commitment with BigCommerce. (you save about 10%)

        With this, you have the assurance of not having to do all the technical stuff and just focus on promoting your business and its related activities.

        If however, you decide to self host… and you are somewhat of a techie, then you can probably look at some of the opensource shopping cart software solutions out there… for eg. OsCommerce, ZenCart, or myriads of others … I opted to use Prestashop. You can always check it out!

        but NOTE, if you decide to go this way, you’d have to do all the tech stuff on your own, like:
        – purchase hosting (you have no limits on bandwidth nor storage, its practically unlimited for about $6/mo)
        – purchase SSL certification, which is absolutely critical for ecommerce activity
        – know your way around installing these carts on your webhost’s servers… (TMDhosting installs selected cart softwares for free if you host with them)
        – design your own website. But they have templates just as Big commerce, so if you’re creative… you’d be able to navigate the process successfully!

        These are just a few, but you come out knowledgeable in the end about the processes involved and save lots of $$$$$… However, i assume your goal may not be all this techy stuff.. thus, BigCommerce may be your best option. They put all those factors in one big package and offer it at their rates/mo.

        Anyways, I know my response was quite lengthy… but i just wanted to offer you honest critique so that you’d have a clearer overview so that you may know how to aptly approach your online business venture… but all in all i do recommend BigCommerce for startups and as things grow you can always look at alternatives…. and there ARE ALTERNATIVES…. Good luck :)

  20. Dennis Leipheimer says

    I have to say that for the past couple of hours i have been hooked by the amazing articles on this site. Keep up the great work.

  21. debbie says

    Hi Andrew, many thanks for your site. I read many of your comments over the last few months and your customers and eventually chose Big Commerce myself. I have been very impressed with what I got for my money and even support has been excellent even though this was not very well regarded by some who wrote on your site.
    However, I have found the site not good at dealing with colour & size options. I wondered if this is something a lot of e commerce sites fail to do well? I feel that having to set up an option for size, then an option for colour, then an option set to unite the appropriate size and colour, then create a sku for each colour/size combo, then ensure you tick the appropriate size or colour for each sku, is so long winded and time consuming. Worst of all its is so easy to make a mistake during this process and there is no easy way to see that this mistake has been made. The result is that customers will be able to order products that don’t exist. I just wondered if anyone else has had this problem or if you have ever advised a way round it.

    • says

      BigCommerce has always struggled with product variations – the new method you describe is a lot better that the old system (which used to reset all your inventory if you made changes)

      Hopefully they continue to refine it because as you said, it is a good product

  22. Marvin Hankins says

    Hi Andrew, Is there a way to import ORDERS into BigCommerce (in addition to customers and products)?

  23. Jenny says

    Hi Andrew, I’d like to start selling some pole dancing items online. Starting small to begin with. I’m looking for a slick template with shopping cart and easy to use and make modifications/updates to my site. I’ve read the reviews and have settled on BigCommerce. Before I start their trial I have a couple of questions.

    I’ve read their start up instructions for optimising the SEO of my site as well as other promoting ideas. How difficult is it to set up all these SEO tools for a beginner to online selling?

    Secondly, I haven’t registered a domain name yet. Would you recommend doing this via BigC? I would like to register a .com and a to protect my domain. Sounds like I’d have to park one domain because BigC doesn’t accommodate two.

    • says

      The SEO setup instructions with BigCommerce are pretty simple for anyone to follow even online selling beginners.

      Don’t register the domain with Big Commerce – do it separately with a company like GoDaddy – it will make it easier for you to move or change your website if you need to and it will be cheaper.

  24. Tony says

    Hi Andrew: We recently opted with Big Commerce and our site is currently in development. I only recently realized that they do not support drop-ship functionality which is a MUST for our business. Also, their so-called QB integration is virtually useless and their tech support has pretty much verified this claim in a recent conversation.

    We are now looking at Pinnacle Cart which claims to support drop-shipping and a more “robust” QB integration process. To be honest, I really like the functionality and look & feel of Big Commerce more than Pinnacle Cart. I’ve tried to call Pinnacle Cart several times and am unable to get a live person on the phone to answer basic questions. Also, their website has some “sloppy” errors – I noticed that a couple of their links don’t take you anywhere. Finally, I am not at all impressed with their templates – too dated!

    Do you think we are making a mistake by leaving Big Commerce and going with Pinnacle? Big Commerce told me that they are seriously looking into improving their QB functionality; however, the drop-ship feature is not high on their to-do list at this time.

    Any ideas, recommendations?? I don’t want to pre-judge Pinnacle but I feel like I’m decreasing our standards by going with them.

    Thanks in advance for your advice and for this most-helpful blog!

    • says

      I don’t think Pinnacle is a step backwards but I don’t use the built in templates

      Big Commerce have been telling people that they are “looking seriously” at Quickbooks integration for at least 2 years now so don’t hold your breathe waiting for it to ever happen – for some reason they just can’t make it happen

      Have you looked ta something like Ordoro to add drop shipping support to Big Commerce?

  25. Steve says

    I’m confused about the QB Integration.

    Are people referring to the eCC: Webgility app?
    We are currently evaluating BC and one of the requirements is the back office integration.


  26. Tony says

    Hi Steve: My post was bashing the built-in QB integration that is part of the BC platform. We found it to be absolutely useless. Since back office integration is at the top of our list, as well, we tried using the Webgility eCC app; however found it to be too cumbersome and prone to crashing and errors. Not to mention, it gives you another interface that you have to manage in addition to your admin area AND QB.

    We are currently contracting with a company called “Op Center” to build a customized API solution between BC and QB.

    I spent hours researching dozens of so-called QB “integrations” solutions and was not impressed with what I found. The gentleman who owns the Op Center was the first person who truly sounded like he understood our integration needs and proposed a step-by-step “do it all” package that is within our budget. You may want to give them a call.

    Good luck!

  27. Will says

    Thanks for a great review of a great cart!
    BigCommerce is the best hosted cart out there. No extra fees for transaction, no rude support, no down time. Only outstanding design, cool features and reasonable pricing. I really can’t think of some other platform that would provide the same quality for that price.
    For some additional info you may check this comparison of BigCommerce and some other hosted carts.

  28. Tariehk says

    BigCommerce is a great option for small to medium size businesses. Our company OSI Affiliate Software provides a solution for BigCommerce customers to setup and manage an affiliate program and we have noticed that the customers that have BigCommerce are very happy because it is easy to setup and customize. I have talked to a few customers that have also mentioned that they liked customer service because they could always call.

  29. ethan says

    On Bigcommerce pricing page, they claimed that they have so called “Loyalty Marketing/Loyalty Program”, which is quite misleading. It is just a discount coupon feature. It doesn’t have the loyalty point system. If you want loyalty program, you have to sign up their apps partner loyalty program, which cost extra money.
    If you doesn’t test drive deep enough in free trial period, you will eaily fall into this trap.

  30. Sherry says

    I too am a disappointed customer. New to E-commerce and tech support was extremely UNHELPFUL …. They double billed me in the beginning and now that I want to cancel…. Well I can’t get anyone to respond.

    I wish I did more research to find customer reviews before jumping in…..

    Good luck if you go with Big commerce ….

  31. Steven says

    All I can say is most of you must be getting paid for these reviews. Bigcommerce is a joke. Their system is plagued with bugs they never fixed. Ring support … good luck with that one. When they can even be bothered answering which is rare they dont really do much. Or maybe leave a message for them to ignore. I gave these clowns a number of our clients and had nothing but problems with them. Avoid these idiots like the plague there are much much better options on the market.

  32. Vince says

    I Have been marketing via the internet since 1995. I have not used Interspire, but I finnaly gave Bigcommerce a try after the many so called rave-reviews. As is often the case all these main players have a hook; usually in some major functionality issue that requires for instance a ‘customization” of the template etc. I have learned that testing customer service is the best place to start, so I signed up for a trial, it looked mostly functional and polished, so I turned the account live so that I could actually test features. That’s when I also realized I couyld not actully fully test a promium template unluess I plunked down the $140.00 which I did. After a few days I asked for my money back and I am now on my 3rd attemp via customer support ticket, and one call from our offcie manager to get our money back. What may have been a possability for a good relationship is now lost. We are off to woord-press and woocommerce, which will all be covered in a very detailed report/review I will be doing. I warned them that they would be better served to refund my “resaonable’ request for a refund…. Oh well, at least I learned this lesson early on, to move on…

  33. says

    Care to comment on the server disaster that Bigcommerce has allowed to happen? I am going on day three without a functional website and losing thousands per day. Bet Bigcommerce doesn’t step up to this!

    • Steve C says

      Please do not recommend anyone try Bigcommerce anymore until they fix their platform, customer service and just about everything is really bad right now.. When it works which has not been often recently, it is the best out there. We and many other store owners have lost thousands in lost sales this year due to one broken thing right after another. We have been with them for years now but are down to just one store, we moved the rest to Shopify. I will eventually move this last store as well because Bigcommerce does not listen to their store owners, they do whatever it takes to make themselves a buck. I do not make these statements lightly, anywhere else is better, I have tried them all except Volusion.

  34. david says


    Great information. Few questions:

    1) If I want to host the store on my own site, what is your recommendation?
    – ultracart or ontraport or something else?

    2) For recurring billing like monthly subscription to pet food:
    I don’t see that feature either in shopify or bigcommerce.
    But 1shoppingcart has that feature.

    3) 1 clickupsell: is another feature I want.
    Bigcommerce has free app. 1shoppingcart has it too. Shopify probably need to pay.

    How does 1shoppingcart compare to bigcommerce and shopify? Thanks.

    • says

      1ShoppingCart is good for so many product types and has some very unique features. I don’t mind it at all I just ifnd that Bigcommerce and Shopify suit a wider range of new online businesses. I see a lot of marketing professionals using 1ShoppingCart which says alot of good things about the toolset.

      For a hosted cart Prestashop, Open Cart of Ultra Cart would a solid job. Prestashop has lots of plugins and modules so most requirem,ents can be met simply and cheaply.

  35. jerome says

    I have to side with Steve C. I regret moving to Bigcommerce 8 months ago. Also suffered from the outage in April.

    The latest saga — the last 2 weeks it’s been adding parameters to product links within product categories (ie: ?page_context=category&faceted_search=0 at the end of all links to products). Just out of the blue, this started happening. Parameters, by the way, for faceted search which is not even available on my plan or any other plan except their Enterprise plan. How did I find out about it? Started seeing 502 errors in Google Webmaster Tools for URLs with these parameters.

    • james says

      Same here – BC has told me they are working on this now – it has been a good 2 weeks nearly. All URLS still showing additional code

      • jerome says

        Latest word from them on the BC user forum is that they are testing or “track data” (I posted the comment below).

        You usually have to be a lot better at hosting than Bigcommerce is before becoming so arrogant as to do testing on your customers live sites and not even tell them about it and not offer the option to opt out of it.

        If you want to test faceted search on accounts that don’t have it now, I’m sure there is no shortage of volunteers. I’d be 1st in line. But to test without any benefit to the customer, well, as I said before, pure arrogance. I hope this is not the case. I hope someone just screwed up. I could live with that better.

        Helo everyone,

        I apologize for taking so long to provide you with an update here. It took me awhile to research the issue so that I could relay you accurate information.

        Our product team has appended “?page_context=category&faceted_search=0” to the end of some URL’s to track data concerning one of our features. We have made these appended url’s canonical and they should have absolutely no effect on SEO.

        We don’t yet have an eta on when these appended URL’s will go away, but I assume since the intention is to temporarily track data on one of our features, that these will be short-lived.

        I apologize for the confusion, but I hope this helps clear things up.

        If you have any questions about this, please let me know!


        Blake Boykin
        Bigcommerce Client Success Coach

  36. Cary Estelle says

    Thanks for really good review of BigCommerce. Now I’m in process of creating my own online store on BigCommerce and such information came in handy. Here is another good review if anyone needs it.

  37. says

    BigCommerce is amazing and we prefer it to other platforms however they have absolutely no support for hreflangs and their customer support aren’t coders…


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