Americommerce Changes

Americommerce have recently dropped a few new changes, the most important of which (as far as i am concerned) is a move to ZenDesk for customer support. It sounds like a simple thing but ZenDesk is wonderful software and it should enable a far higher standard of customer support at Americommerce. In their words they did it because there customers asked for it – as good a reason as there is.

Other changes at Americommerce

Back in stock notification emails. Not sure why this was so long coming – it is a great feature and absolutely drives sales to stores.

CSS for styling buttons, much simpler and faster but at this stage only available with version 2 themes.

A new merchant program – Americommerce Merchant Services. Fees in the 1.95% range and not a bad option if you don’t have agateway already. As with most of these offerings it is only for store owners in the USA.

Tax Cloud integration to help american store owners handle the difficult tax of managing sales tax.

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