Magento Go and Prostores Closing Down

magento go and ebay prostores closing down

It should be no surprise to anyone that Magento Go and eBay ProStores are closing down. Not today, February 1st 2015. I called it a long time ago. Magento Go in particular was a ghost. No blog, Facebook or Twitter updates. No new features, no pricing changes, no support updates, no marketing pushes. It was … [Continue Reading]

Alternatives to Magento

Alternatives to Magento

Breaking news: Magento Go has been discontinued. Start making plans to migrate your Magento store to Bigcommerce or Volusion now. Are you seeking alternatives to Magento? Magento stormed onto the scene several years ago as a new open source shopping cart. It was highly configurable and full featured and the developer community jumped on board with great … [Continue Reading]

Bigcommerce Review

Bigcommerce Review

Online shopping is now very common. Because of the increasing number of online stores on the web today, shopping carts are also gaining much popularity. Conventional businesses are too costly and so many business persons are now putting their investments in online stores. The risks involved are also minimal and as long as there is … [Continue Reading]

Blogging to Increase Sales

Bigcommerce blogging hangout

Last week I participated in another Bigcommerce Google Hangout. This one was on Blogging in the context of a store owner. Some wonderful tips on how to blog, what to blog about and how often to turn your readers into customers and increase store profits. Something for everyone, definitely worth watching. Topics covered: How many … [Continue Reading]

Bigcommerce DIY Design Tips

Bigcommerce DIY design hangout

I recently participated in a Google+ Hangout with Bigcommerce on “Do It Yourself Design” – lots of good tips from real store owners for people wanting to self-manage the look and feel of their Bigcommerce store. Topics covered: What tools do you recommend for anyone looking to make any design tweaks in their store? (ex: … [Continue Reading]

Bigcommerce WordPress Store: Hoka One One


Screens from the recently launched Hoka One One WordPress and Bigcommrce store I created with Kiryn Clay. Based on the Rapid Center Bigcommerce premium theme the online store supports all the Bigcommerce features (Wishlist, Gift Certificates, Product Comparisons) while remainign fully responsive and quick loading. If you would like something similar contact me – not … [Continue Reading]

Which carts are affected by Heartbleed bug

what shopping carts are affected by heartbleed

Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160) is a security vulnerability found in OpenSSL which is an open source library that is used by numerous developers and companies to protect your username, passwords, and other sensitive information online. What this vulnerability gives hackers the ability to do is force your browser to dump 64 kilobytes of unencrypted data from the server’s … [Continue Reading]

Six Second Shopping Cart Reviews

Six Second Shopping Cart Reviews

If you just want to compare the carts on what they will cost you per year check out my Shopping Cart Pricing Comparison. Welcome to 2014 and an updated list of to the point bite sized shopping cart reviews to help you filter out the best shopping carts from the nonsense. If it saves you time, … [Continue Reading]

Bigcommerce vs Shopify

Bigcommerce vs Shopify

Trying to get a useful comparison of Shopify and Bigcommerce is almost impossible. The websites both do everything in the universe and they both do it easier than all others. Using our own unique method, we will take you through a few scenarios and let you quickly fight through all the marketing nonsense to the … [Continue Reading]

Which Bigcommerce Blogging Solution is Best

Bigcommerce Blogging

With the release late last week of Bigcommerce Next Bigcommerce has improved the internal blogging functionality of their eCommerce platform leaving customers and newcomers to the shopping cart wondering which Bigcommerce blogging choice to run with. The original News and Updates features – been there since Bigcommerce was Interspire The new Blogging engine functionality – … [Continue Reading]